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Chapter 37: Techniques to Witness the Flux-like Film of Life

Many people have lived on this earth. Where you are sitting, at least ten dead bodies are buried in that place, and they too were serious like you. Now they are no more. Where have their lives gone? Where have their problems gone? They were fighting - fighting for a single inch of earth, and the earth is there and they are no more.

And I am not saying that their problems were not problems. They were - as your problems are problems. They were “serious” - problems of life and death. But where are their problems? And if the whole humanity should disappear any day, the earth will be there, the trees will grow, the rivers will flow and the sun will rise, and the earth will not feel any absence or wonder where humanity is.

Look at the expanse: look backwards, look forwards, look to all dimensions at what you are, what your life is. It looks like a long dream, and everything that you take so seriously this moment becomes useless the next moment. You may not even remember it.

Remember your first love, how serious it was. Life depended on it. Now you don’t remember it at all, it is forgotten. And whatsoever you are thinking that your life depends on today will be forgotten. Life is a flux, nothing remains. It is like a moving film, everything changing into everything else. But in the moment you feel it is very serious, and you get disturbed. This technique says,

This so-called universe appears as a juggling, a picture show. To be happy, look upon it so.

In India, we have called this world not a creation of God, but a play, a game, a leela. This concept of leela is beautiful, because creation seems serious. The Christian, the Jewish God is very serious. Even for a single disobedience, Adam was thrown out of the Garden of Eden - and not only was he thrown out, because of him, the whole humanity. He was our father, and we are suffering because of him. God seems to be so serious. He should not be disobeyed. And if he is disobeyed, he is going to take revenge, and the revenge has been so long.

The sin doesn’t seem to be so serious. Really, Adam committed it because of God’s own foolishness. God the Father said to Adam, “Don’t go near the tree, the Tree of Knowledge, and don’t eat its fruit.” This prohibition becomes an invitation, and this is psychological. In that big garden, only that Tree of Knowledge became attractive. It was prohibited. Any psychologist can say, God committed an error. If the fruit of that tree was not to be eaten, it was good not to talk about it at all. There was no possibility of Adam reaching to that tree, and the whole humanity would have been in the garden. But this saying, this order, “Don’t eat,” created the trouble; this “don’t” created the whole trouble.