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Chapter 24: Souls Are Not Male or Female

It has been found that ordinary men think of women at least once in nine minutes. Perhaps for thousands of years these people have figured it out in some way - that there is danger for nine minutes, but the danger is not in the vibrations, the danger is in man’s mind. Every man, the whole day, every nine minutes, at least once thinks of women. Women are a little spiritual: they think of man once only in eighteen minutes - twice as spiritual.

The basic reason for separating man and woman was that by a single stroke you are destroying many things; otherwise you will need many strokes, and still you will not be able to destroy them from the roots. The seriousness in the religious people has nothing to do with spirituality; it has something to do with the way they are living, separated from their hearts.

Just now in Germany we have won the case in a court against the German government, and the German government was trying to prove that I am not a religious person, because I have said in a press conference that I am not a serious man. Their argument was that a religious man is bound to be serious. They go together, you cannot separate them - if a man says that he is not serious, how he can be religious?

Looking at the past, what the government attorney was saying was right. All religious people have been serious.

But the judge seems to be reading my books, because in his statement he says that because it was in a press conference, we do not know in what context I have said that I am not a serious man. “You have to prove it from his written books, and even if he says he is not serious, that does not matter, because what he is teaching is religion. He is teaching that man is not body, that man is not mind, that man is a transcendental, spiritual being.” and he quoted from my books - and insisted on the words transcendental spiritual being.

He said, “That’s enough for him to be religious, and for his people to be religious. What he has said in a press conference is irrelevant.” He gave the verdict in our favor, but the government attorney was trying to prove that a non-serious man cannot be religious.

If I had been in the place of the judge, I would not have brought any quotations, I would have fought on the same point, that seriousness and religiousness in fact cannot go together, because seriousness is sickness - sickness of the soul, and when the soul is sick, one cannot be religious.

A religious person has to be rejoicing, full of humor, laughter, love.

It is certainly one of the most important contributions we are trying to make. It will be opposed by all the traditions and all the religions - by the whole world, because we are proving that for ten thousand years they have been wrong - and it hurts their egos. They would like to destroy us rather than accept the fact that spirituality should be full of laughter, full of a sense of humor, full of playfulness; because now there is no anxiety, no problem, no anguish, and the person has relaxed into a deep let-go with existence.

Why should he be serious?

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