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Chapter 39: Must I Say Goodbye?

Beside you now, I feel like a happy bubble newly created at the bottom of a waterfall, laughing and dancing its way downstream to the ocean. If I should make it in this life to reach the ocean, does it really mean that you and I must say good-bye? I find myself here now in loving gratefulness to you. It seems I have no more questions, but a deep need - born out of my gratefulness to you, for all that you have done for me, for all that you are. The world has nothing left now but you. I would like to be near you now and until I leave this earthly body, even if it means that this little bubble has to hold back a little bit. Is it absolutely necessary to say good-bye when one has reached the ocean of bliss?

The moment you meet the ocean you will meet me. The question of saying good-bye does not arise at all; you will have to say good morning! And don’t be worried whether you will be able to make it in this life or not. Once you have started flowing, you have already made it.

Every river is constantly moving to be the ocean. The problem is only with those who have become ponds, closed, not open to flow, having forgotten that this is not their destiny, this is death. To be a pond is to commit suicide because there is no growth anymore, no new spaces, no new experiences, no new skies - just the old pond, rotting in itself, becoming more and more muddy.

To be a seeker means dropping this static state and becoming a changing, moving, flowing river. It does not matter when you reach the ocean. The beginning is the end. The whole beauty is in the beginning, because once you have started moving, the end, falling into the ocean, is absolutely determined. The beginning was in your hands; it was your freedom, hence the beauty of the beginning.

Falling into the ocean will be tremendously ecstatic, but it is not in your hands. What was in your hands was the beginning, and you gathered courage; you jumped out of a static, dead situation into a living being.alive, singing and dancing.

Who cares when the ocean comes? The beginning is enough, more than enough - because falling into the ocean is bound to happen.

You have started flowing. Rejoice in it. Don’t think of tomorrow. Today is enough unto itself, a blessing, a benediction. And you are the ocean - what more are you going to gain when you fall into the ocean? It is simply the realization that the water, whether in a dewdrop or in the biggest ocean, is of the same nature; every dewdrop contains oceans in it, and all the oceans are made only of dewdrops.

So the real seeker is not concerned about the goal. The real seeker is concerned about the right beginning, and you are blessed because the right beginning has happened.

You are against seriousness. You have laughed about everything, including gods, godmen and scriptures. How come you think that people should take you and your teaching seriously?

Who has told you that I expect people to take me and my teachings seriously? I want to be understood joyously, not seriously. I want to be taken playfully, not seriously - not with a long British face, but with beautiful laughter.

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