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Chapter 13: Permanent Change

Why am I forcing situations according to my will, instead of accepting them and letting them just happen? I have a feeling that my body makes me aware of it, reacting with a high fever.

The upbringing of man is so poisonous, so crippling, that it destroys all that is significant and valuable in you and replaces it with cruelty, violence, a desire to dominate. The whole of society from all sides supports this destruction of your innocence; it is favorable to these.

Forcing anything simply means you are forcing against yourself. This creates the schizophrenia, the split personality that is fighting with itself. This is the most ugly and destructive device that has been used by the vested interests for thousands of years. They found a simple clue to how to destroy the individual, because the individual is a danger - a danger against exploitation, a danger against slavery, a danger against any kind of enforcement. An individual would rather like to die than submit.

Individuality has a dignity, but man has been taken away from his individuality by a simple device: put the individual in conflict. And you know the ancient proverb: A house divided cannot stand for long.

You are continuously fighting with yourself because you have been given such stupid ideas about yourself: that you have to choose between your nature, your relaxedness with nature, or you have to choose thousands of years of conditioning. And conditionings go deeper and deeper every day. Pleasure has been condemned, non-seriousness has been condemned, playfulness has been condemned. The whole of humanity has been turned into utter seriousness - and seriousness is a psychological sickness. It can seep deeper and can even make your soul sick.

There is nothing to be serious about in the world.

There are only three things that happen in your life. One has already happened - your birth. You could not do anything about it. Another is death. Again, although it has not happened yet, you cannot do anything about it. So drop these two things completely, they are beyond your grasp. Between these two remain life, love, rejoicing.

A man who is alive cannot be suppressed so easily. A man who loves has a clarity of vision and cannot be befooled by any politicians. And a man who knows how to be playful will not be found in any church, any temple, any mosque, any synagogue. Those are the places where people who have died before their death go; people who have taken a standpoint against life, against love, against playfulness, against joy, against the whole universe.

But if you become blinded by these conditionings, then you will start repressing within yourself any possibility that can make you livelier, more loving, more blissful, more ecstatic. It is a struggle between you and your whole past. The past is long; it has gone to your very roots. But if you are alert enough there is still time to get out of the net, out of the chains of the past.

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