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Chapter 23: Fun Is the Most Sacred Word

Swami Dharma Bodhi, Die Neue Zeitung, Germany

Somehow I feel that this rather intellectual magazine which I represent needs some fun. You are the only and first master with a chance to work on a planetary scale, using modern communication systems. Do you like scandals as a means of publicity?


This is the first community with a lot of fun and enjoyment, albeit even fascist fun. Is fun a better device for transformation than seriousness?

Seriousness is sickness, it is not a device. It leads to death, not to eternal life. Life is playfulness, fun, because the whole existence is a tremendous circus. It is all fun - all the colors of the flowers, so many beautiful animals, birds, clouds, and for no purpose; they don’t serve any purpose. There is no goal to life. Life is a play unto itself. It is sheer abundance of energy, overflowing energy - existence goes on expanding.

No God has created it, because whenever something is created there is purpose. Whenever something is created there is a motive, and when somebody creates it, the created can never be anything other than a machine. Existence has no use as such, it remains eternal, an eternal play of energies in millions of forms.

Fun is the most sacred word, far more sacred than prayer. It is the only word that can give you a sense of playfulness, can make you again a child. You can start running after butterflies, searching for seashells on the beach, colored stones.

In my own childhood, my tailor had much trouble with me. He was the best tailor in the town, but he said, “You are the worst customer” because I asked him to make as many pockets as possible. He said, “But people will laugh at me.”

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