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Chapter 37: Techniques to Witness the Flux-like Film of Life

Those persons were just surprised. They couldn’t understand. They had been insulting him, using bad words, abusing him, so they said, “But we are not saying something to you, we are abusing and insulting you.”

Buddha said, “You can do that, but if you want any reaction from me you have come late. Ten years before, if you had come with such words, I would have reacted. But now I have learned how to act, I am a master of myself now; you cannot force me to do anything. So you will have to go back. You cannot disturb me; nothing can disturb me now because I have known my own center.”

This knowledge of the center or this grounding in the center makes you a master. Otherwise you are a slave, and a slave of so many - not only of one master, but of many. Everything is a master, and you are a slave to the whole universe. Obviously, you will be in trouble. With so many masters pulling you in so many directions and dimensions, you are never together; you are not in a unity, and pulled in so many dimensions, you are in anguish. Only a master of oneself can transcend anguish.

The second technique:

This so-called universe appears as a juggling, a picture show. To be happy look upon it so.

This whole world is just like a drama, so don’t be too serious about it. Seriousness will force you into trouble, you will get into trouble. Don’t be serious about it. Nothing is serious; this whole world is just a drama.

If you can look to the whole world as a drama you will regain your original consciousness. The dust gathers because you are so serious. That seriousness creates problems, and we are so serious that even while seeing a drama we gather dust. Go to a picture house and look at the spectators. Don’t look at the screen, forget the picture; don’t look at the screen; just look at the spectators in the hall. Someone will be weeping and tears will be rolling down, someone will be laughing, someone will become sexually excited. Just look at people. What are they doing? What is happening to them? And there is nothing on the screen, just pictures - pictures of light and shadow. The screen is vacant.

But how are they getting excited? They are weeping, crying, laughing. The picture is not just a picture; the film is not just a film. They have forgotten that it is just a story. They have taken it seriously. It has “become alive”! It is “real”! And this is happening everywhere, not only in a picture house. Look at the life that is all around you. What is it?

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