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Chapter 8: Only the Knower Is Left

Because if you are, you remain miserable, your very being is your misery. Hell is not somewhere else - hell is the confined state, hell is the miserable state when you live with the ‘I’. To live with the ego is to live in the hell.

You ask me, “What type of play are you playing with us?” Certainly, it is a play. I am not serious. And if you are serious, there is not going to be any meeting with you. Seriousness does not cross my path at all. I am absolutely non-serious. This is a play. And I would like to call this play ‘the mad game’.

The word mad I have coined, so m stands for the master and d stands for the disciple. The master-and-disciple game! It is a mad game! I am an expert in being a master. If you are also ready to become a disciple, here we go!

And it is none of anybody else’s business. It is a game between me and you. If you decide to be a disciple, as I have decided to be a master, then we can play the game. And those who have decided to be disciples are enjoying it tremendously!

Once you decide to be a disciple you enter into another world - a totally different world of the heart, of love, of trust. Then it is a play. You are not serious, but still you are very sincere. Never misunderstand seriousness for sincerity. Sincerity is very playful, never serious. It is true, authentic, but never serious. Sincerity does not have a long face, it is bubbling with joy, radiating with an inner joyousness.

Rejoice that I am here! If you decide to be a disciple, then only can you understand what I am doing here, then only can you understand this mad game, this madly mad game. It is a play; in fact it is the ultimate game in life. You have played many other games, this is the last. You have played being a lover, being a friend; being a father, being a husband, being a wife, mother, brother, being rich, being poor, being a leader, being a follower - you have played all the games. And only those who have played all the games can play this game, because they will be mature enough to play it.

This is the last game. After this game, games stop, gameplaying stops. Once you have played the game rightly - the master-disciple game - by and by you come to a point where all playing disappears. Only you are left - neither the master nor the disciple exists there. This is just a device.

Between the master and the disciple - if the rule of the game is followed rightly - devotion arises. That is the fragrance, the river that flows between the two banks of the master and the disciple. That’s why it is so difficult for the outsider to understand. But I am not interested at all in the outsider understanding it, it is a very esoteric game. It is only for the insiders, it is only for mad people. That is why I am not interested even in answering people who are not insiders, because they will not understand. They do not have that altitude of being in which understanding becomes possible.

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