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Chapter 4: Contrary to Expectation

In December, 1842, Adam Thompson of Cincinnati filled the first bathtub in the United States. The news of Mr. Thompson’s tub was quickly spread. Newspapers said that the newfangled idea would ruin the democratic simplicity of the republic.

Mm, just think of it.a bathtub will ruin the integrity of the democratic republic.

.Doctors predicted rheumatism, inflammation of the lungs, etc. etc. The wise ones agreed that bathing in the winter time would result in the decline of the robust population. Philadelphia, the cradle of liberty, tried to put a ban on bathing from the first of November to the first of March. Boston in 1845 made bathing unlawful except on the advice of a doctor. Hartford, Providence, Wilmington, and other cities tried to block the bath habit with extra heavy water rates. The state of Virginia took a slap at bathing by placing a tax of thirty dollars a year on every bathtub brought into the state. But by 1922 there were 889,000 bathtubs manufactured a year. To think, in the lives of people still living, man did not even know that a bath was good for him, puts man in a class of absolute unreliability as to his judgment of thinking on any matter.

The camels are simply against anything new, it does not matter what. It may be just a bathtub and they will rationalize their antagonism.

In one section of ancient Greece it was long the custom that when a man proposed a new law in the popular assembly, he did so on a platform with a rope around his neck. If the law was passed they removed the rope, if it failed they removed the platform.

The lions are not welcome. The society creates every kind of difficulty for the lions. The camels are afraid of these people. They disturb their convenience, they disturb their sleep, they create worry. They create a desire in the camels to become lions - that is the real problem.

Why is Jesus crucified? His very presence.and many camels start dreaming of becoming lions, and that disturbs their sleep, and that disturbs their ordinary, mundane life.

Why is Buddha stoned? Why is Mahavira not allowed to enter into cities? Why is Mansoor beheaded? These people disturb; they disturb their sleep, they go on roaring. Buddha has called his sermons “The Lion’s Roar.”

The first, the state of the camel, is given by the society. The second state has to be attained by the individual. In attaining it, you become an individual, you become unique. You are no more a conformist, you are no more part of a tradition. The larva is dropped: you become a caterpillar, you start moving.

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