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Chapter 16: God: The Greatest Fiction

And they had been suppressing their sexuality - it was very easily possible that they may have dreamed that they were having a love affair with the Devil. And they were thought to be martyrs: “because you are helping the people of God to eradicate all possibilities of the Devil. You are ready to risk your life.” They described in detail how the Devil comes, how he looks, with two horns, instead of fingers, hooves. Not only that, they described that the Devil has a forked sexual organ. That is great imagination. And once one nun confessed that, then every other nun was even more articulate, more imaginative. Why a forked sexual organ? So that the Devil can have double intercourse at the same time, so he can use both the woman’s entries in the body at the same time. And it was believed, and they were burned. And they burned joyously because they were helping the great cause of the messiah, of God!

Now, in this story too, man is kept out, is not really responsible for the sin. The real responsibility is put on the woman. The serpent seduces her mind, as I see it. In the East, the serpent is thought to be just the opposite. It is not the symbol of the Devil; it is only in Christianity and Judaism that the serpent is the symbol of the Devil. In the East the serpent is the wisest animal on the earth.

In India the serpent is worshipped. There is a special day in the year devoted to the worship of the serpent, and millions of serpents of all kinds are given milk, worshipped, because it has been thought in the East that the serpent is a symbol of wisdom. Why? - because actually the way the serpent moves, the kundalini power inside your body moves in exactly the same way. Hence kundalini is being translated into English as serpent power.

If you have seen a serpent standing on his tail, you will be surprised, because a serpent has no bones. Standing on his tail is a miracle, because there are no bones, so how is he supporting himself? Ordinarily the serpent is always sitting or resting, with his body in the form of a circle. That is the meaning of kundalini. Kundalini means circular, concentric circles. That is the ordinary situation of everybody’s inner energy; it is in a circular way sleeping or resting.

But another strange thing about the serpent is that it has no ears. Still it dances to the tune of certain music. When scientists found that it had no ears, they could not believe it. Then how does it happen that it dances to certain music? It is only lately they have become aware that it has no ears - that is true - but its whole body is sensitive to the vibrations of music. So it dances not by hearing the music, it dances by feeling the music. Remember the difference: not by hearing the music - it cannot hear, there is no way of hearing - but by the vibrations of the music, the waves of the music hitting on its body. Its body is so sensitive that it starts moving with those vibrations. That too is exactly the same in the inner serpent power, the kundalini. It too starts rising up with certain music. It has no ears, it has not even a body; it is just pure energy. But certain music helps it tremendously.

And in the East we have found what music, what chanting, will help. For example: chanting “aum” continuously hits your sleeping energy. The function of the aum is just to make the inner serpent rise up, stand up. The same happens with the sound “hoo.” It can happen with other sounds too, but these two sounds have been found to work perfectly.

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