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Chapter 3: The Twenty-first Century Approach to Meditation

In the second step, when your breathing has disturbed your body/mind completely, I allow you expression. So whatsoever comes to your mind, express it. If you want to scream, scream madly. If you want to weep, weep madly. If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to jump, be angry, be violent to the sky, then be. Whatsoever you want to express, express - not to someone, just in a vacuum.

So the second step is expression. And you will be surprised how things start coming to you and you start expressing them - not only with your mind, your body will express them too. For the first time you become aware that your body has many repressions to express. If you are a violent man, your hands will be moving as if you are killing someone or beating someone. Many screams will come out, and with those screams, much will be released.

Only when this second step, expression, is fulfilled. It takes time, but within three weeks you will be expressing very spontaneously and you will feel that something is going out and you are unburdened. Only then can the third step happen. The third step is a particular sound: hoo. Not the word w-h-o, just the sound hoo - meaningless. So you have to do it: “Hoo, hoo, hoo.” This hits the sex center inside. There are different sounds, and every sound goes to a different layer within. If you say “Om,” the old sound which has been traditionally used, it goes only to the heart. If you say “Om,” it never goes below the heart. If you say “Hoo,” it goes exactly below the navel and hits the sex center.

Modern mind and modern man and the modern body are so much involved with sex that unless that center is hit, nothing can be done with man. The sex center can be hit in two ways, and that is the source of all energies. Sex is the only energy in you. If it moves out, it becomes biological reproduction. If it moves in, it becomes spiritual transformation - a rebirth for yourself.

In the third step, we just go on crying, screaming, “Hoo!” and hitting the sex center. Soon, within a few weeks, you will start feeling an uprush of energy within, from the sex center to your spine. It begins to move. You can feel the warmth, you can feel that a new path is being broken inside you. And once this energy begins to move from your spine toward the head, you will have a different view of yourself, a different outlook, a different dimension. Once this energy reaches to the head, then I insist that it should be released from the head. Normally we release sex energy from the sex center. That is one pole of our being. The opposite pole is the head. If the sex energy can be released from the head, you are transformed, you are a different being.

So these three steps, and then the fourth step is simple relaxation - just falling dead, not doing anything. Not doing anything: no effort, no technique, just remaining silently with whatsoever is. And after these three steps, you are so exhausted that relaxation comes easily. You want to relax, your whole body wants to relax. You fall down and just lie there like a dead man. In this deadness, you become a witness. You are simply a witness, not doing anything.

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