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Chapter 3: There Is Nothing like Lust

“We are here,” she observed, “to hang on.”

We are here to hang on - all his life a sleepy person is doing only that. He goes on trying to hang on - with hope, with dream, with future. He goes on somehow hanging around, as if that is the only goal in life, as if just to be here is enough. It is not enough. Just to be alive is not enough, unless you come to understand what life is. Just to be here is not enough, unless you are so fully aware of being here that in that awareness is ecstasy, that in that awareness is contentment, that in that awareness is peace.

A man can live in two ways. One is just to go on hanging around. Or, to be more aware: “Why am I here,” and “Who am I.” Buddha says the whole of religion is nothing but a tremendous effort to become aware.

The first sutra:

The Buddha said:
There is nothing like lust. Lust may be said to be the most powerful passion.

People can be divided into two categories very easily and very scientifically. People whose whole life is sex-oriented. Whatsoever they do, whatsoever they say, is just superficial: deep down remains their obsession with sex. It starts when you are a small child not even aware of what sex is. Children start playing around, and children start learning things around. And it continues the whole life. And when people are dying in their old age, then too they remain sex-obsessed.

This is one of my observations, that when a person is dying you can see in his face, in his eyes, what type of life he has lived. If he is dying in a reluctant way, resistant, fighting against death, does not want to die, feels helpless, wants to cling to life, then his has remained a sex-obsessed life. And in that moment of great crisis, in that moment of death, all his sexuality will surface in his consciousness.

People die thinking of sex; ninety-nine percent of people die thinking of sex. You will be surprised. Only rarely is there one person who dies not thinking of sex. A person who dies thinking of sex is immediately reborn - because his whole idea is nothing but an obsession with sex. Immediately he enters into a womb. And this has to be so because in the moment of death your whole life becomes condensed. Whatsoever you have lived for simply has to be encountered in the moment of death.

If you have lived a life of awareness, then death is very relaxed, peaceful, graceful; then there is an elegance and grace to it. Then one simply slips into it, welcoming it. There is no resistance - there is beauty. There is no conflict - there is cooperation. One simply cooperates with death.

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