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Chapter 5: The Innate Truth

But Tilopa is incomparable. Jesus is nothing. The Tantra masters are simply wild flowers; they have everything in them. You must have seen Bodhidharma pictures; if you have not seen, look again - so ferocious that if you meditate on Bodhidharma’s picture in the night, alone, you will not be able to sleep: he will haunt you. It is said of him that once he looked at anybody, that man would have nightmares, continuously. Bodhidharma would haunt him, the very look, so ferocious. When Bodhidharma or Tilopa spoke, it is said their speaking was like a lion’s roar, a thundercloud, a tremendous waterfall, wild, fiery.

But if you wait a little and don’t judge them too soon, you will find within them the most loving of all hearts. Then you will feel the music, the melody in them. And then suddenly you will realize that they have not denied anything; they have absorbed everything, even ferociousness. A lion is beautiful, even its ferociousness has a beauty of its own. You take the ferociousness out of a lion and he is just a stuffed lion, dead.

Tantra says everything has to be absorbed, everything, remember - without any condition. Sex has to be absorbed; then it becomes a tremendous force in you. A Buddha, a Tilopa, a Jesus, they have such a magnetic force around them. What is it? - sex absorbed. Sex is human magnetism. Suddenly you fall into their love. Once you come across their path, you are being pulled to a different world altogether. You are torn from your old world, and you are being pulled to something new, something that you never even dreamt about. What is this force? It is the same sex which has become transformed; now it has become a magnetism, a charisma. Buddha has anger absorbed; that very anger becomes compassion. And when Jesus takes the whip in his hand, it is because of compassion. When Jesus talks in fire, this is the same compassion.

Remember this, that Tantra accepts you in your totality. When you come to me, I accept you in your totality. I am not here to help you deny anything. I am here only to help you to rearrange, to get a center of all your energies, to converge them to a center. And I tell you that you will be richer if you have anger absorbed in it; you will be richer if you have sex absorbed in it; you will be richer if you have hatred, jealousy, absorbed in it - they are the spices of life, and you will taste. You will not become tasteless; you will have an enrichment of your taste. You need a little salt. And anger is exactly in the same amount as is needed. When it overpowers you, then it becomes ugly. If you eat only salt then you will die. Salt is needed in proportion, absolutely needed. Remember this.

On the path you will meet many people who would like to cripple you, to cut you up, to dissect you. They will say, “This hand is bad, cut it off! This eye is bad; throw it out! Anger is bad, hate is bad, sex is bad.” They will go on cutting you, and by the time they have left you, you are simply paralyzed, a crippled one. You have no life left. That’s how the whole civilization has become paralyzed and crippled.

Unless Tantra becomes the foundation of the whole human mind, man will not be complete - because no other vision accepts man in his totality. But the acceptance, remember again, is of overflowing, it is not of impotence.

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