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Chapter 14: Knowing All through the One

Uma appeared before Indra and Indra asked Uma, “Who was this force? Who was this spirit? Who was this presence which has disappeared before me?” This is what mind asks the sex force: “What is life? What is God? What is Brahman?” Asking the sex center is tantra. Tantra means the yoga of sex. This can be said as a prophecy - that for the coming, future generations only tantra can be helpful because only tantra knows the secrets of how to ask Uma, how to ask the sex center, sex energy, about the ultimate source of energy.

And Uma answered. “That Yaksha was Brahman,” said she. Uma answered that that presence was Brahman.

Two things that sex can answer: for a man a woman is the answer and for a woman the man is the answer. If you can rightly ask, sex can become for you the deepest answer possible. But there are dangers. If you cannot ask rightly, then sex will prove to be a misery for you. Then sex will become for you the greatest fall. If you can rightly question, then sex can become for you the deepest secret to be known. But if you wrongly question, then sex will become the greatest fall possible. This is bound to be so because sex has a height. If you travel toward that height wrongly, you will fall.

Christianity understands sex to be just a fall, and tantra thinks sex to be the right answer. Christianity and tantra are just opposed to each other. Not only Christianity: Jainism and many other religions are also opposed to sex. They are opposed for a reason. The reason is the fifty percent possibility of falling down. It is dangerous.

So try to travel in some other way where this fifty percent fall is not a possibility. And it is mathematically fifty percent. Actually it is ninety-nine percent, because sex is such an attraction and sex is such an unconscious force that it is difficult to remain alert, meditative. While experimenting in it, you will become unconscious. And if you become unconscious in orgasm it leads you nowhere.

Ninety-nine percent is the possibility that you will fall through sex. Only one percent is the possibility that you may rise. But tantra says that that percentage of fall can be reduced through right techniques and a man or a woman can be trained. Then making love becomes an art - the greatest art. And if you know the art, then you approach very cautiously, very delicately. And then it is not just a temporary release, a relief. It becomes a sacred worship.

So tantra trains people first to be nonsexual. Tantra teaches first to come to a point where sex is not a madness for you. Tantra first teaches you to be totally unattached, without desire. A nude woman, a beautiful woman will be sitting before a tantric seeker, a sadhak, and he has to contemplate on her, on her beauty, but as a divine force. And he has to go on watching inside that no lust arises. If lust arises the point is lost.

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