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Chapter 14: Knowing All through the One

Tantra preaches that there is really no God to be approached directly. Unless you penetrate the mystery of sex, unless you go deep into it, you cannot know Brahman. And this is also symbolic, that sex appears before Indra in the form of Uma. Uma is the consort of Shiva, and Shiva is the greatest tantric. Uma is the counterpart. In that deeper experience of the life force, Shiva is male, Uma is female. To Shiva, Uma is the source of the life force, the door toward cosmic phenomena. To Uma, Shiva is the door to the cosmic phenomena. And when Uma and Shiva meet in a deep orgasm, they lose themselves and the cosmic energy alone vibrates.

You have seen the shivalinga - it is not alone, it is also with the yoni of Uma. The shivalinga is placed in the yoni of Uma. The shivalinga is phallic, and just underneath is the pudenda-the yoni. The shivalinga is the symbol of sexual orgasm and meeting. Through this meeting the individuals disappear and the cosmic is revealed.

Before Indra, Uma appeared; before mind, sex appeared. This is how I decode it. And Indra asked Uma, “Who was this spirit?” When mind reaches to its climax, it can only ask sex energy, “Who is this cosmic force?”

Inside man, mind is one pole and sex is another pole. You exist between two poles. In your head is the thinking force, the reason, the mind. And just on the other pole is sex. On your backbone these are the two poles. Scientists say that your brain is just an extension of your backbone, the spine. On one pole exists sex energy, on the other pole exists reasoning. These are the two poles of your spine, and your spine is your existence. You exist through your spine. When reason comes to its climax, you become polar. You have moved to one extreme, and it is absolutely abstract. And sex is the most substantial; it is not abstract at all.

Through eyes you can see, through hands you can touch, through ears you can hear; but through the sex center you penetrate most deeply. No eyes can penetrate that much, no hands can touch that much, no ears can hear that much. Through sex you penetrate into the mystery of the other to the very depth. Sex is a deeply penetrating force. Mind never penetrates anything directly; sex penetrates only directly. Sex has no abstraction about it; mind has no substantiality about it. So sex is the earth within you; mind is just the sky. Sex is the root within you; mind is the flower.

So whenever mind wants to know what the life force is, what the Brahman is, there is only one way and that is to come back to the roots, because those roots are in the cosmos, those roots are deep in the cosmic life energy. Through sex, mind can move backwards to the very source. If you go on thinking, then you move around and around in the mind and there is no way to go out. You can create big philosophies, great systems, but they will be all concepts, words, verbalization; they cannot be realities. Mind can know only if mind falls back to the roots, goes down to the very source. And through that source the Brahman can be known.

Now again the world has come through Western search to a point where mind has become supreme. Hence, so much interest, so much research and so much philosophizing about sex in the West. God has been pushed aside. Now the basic problem is not God in the West: the basic problem is sex. And if this mystery can be penetrated, only then can God again become a living problem. So Western thinkers are continuously thinking about the mystery of sex - what it is.

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