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Chapter 4: Subtle Music in Your Soul

When you were conceived, your mother and your father were not praying, they were not listening to a priest’s sermon. They were not in the church, they were making love. Even to think that your father and mother were making love when you were conceived seems to be difficult. They were making love; those sexual energies were meeting and merging into each other. Then you were conceived; in a deep sexual act you were conceived. The first cell was a sex cell and then out of that cell other cells have arisen. But each cell remains sexual, basically. Your whole body is sexual, made of sex cells. Now they are millions.

Remember it: you exist as a sexual being. Once you accept it, the conflict that has been created down through the centuries dissolves. Once you accept it deeply, with no ideas in between.. When sex is thought of as simply natural, you live it. You don’t ask me how to transcend eating, you don’t ask me how to transcend breathing - because no religion has taught you to transcend breathing, that’s why. Otherwise, you would be asking, “How to transcend breathing?” You breathe! You are a breathing animal; you are a sexual animal also. But there is a difference. Fourteen years of your life in the beginning are almost non-sexual, or at the most just rudimentary sexual play which is not really sexual - just preparing, rehearsing, that’s all. At the age of fourteen, suddenly the energy is ripe.

Watch. A child is born.immediately, within three seconds, the child has to breathe - otherwise he will die. Then breathing remains the whole of his life because it has come at the first step of life. It cannot be transcended. Maybe before you die, then just three seconds before, it will stop - but not before it. Always remember: both ends of life, the beginning and end, are exactly similar, symmetrical. The child is born, he starts breathing within three seconds. When the child is old and dying, the moment he stops breathing, within three seconds he will be dead.

Sex enters at a very late stage: for fourteen years the child has lived without sex. And if the society is not too much repressed and hence obsessed with sex, a child can live completely oblivious to the fact that sex, or that anything like sex, exists. The child can remain absolutely innocent. That innocence is also not possible because people are so repressed. When repression happens, then side by side, obsession also happens.

So priests go on repressing; and there are anti-priests - Hefners and others - they go on creating more and more pornography. So on one side there are priests who go on repressing, and then there are others, anti-priests, who go on making sexuality more and more glamorous. They both exist together - aspects of the same coin. When churches disappear, only then Playboy magazines will disappear, not before it. They are partners in the business. They look like enemies, but don’t be deceived by that. They talk against each other, but that’s how things work.

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