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Chapter 2: Totality Is Bliss

Really, psychologists say that every curiosity is sexual in a way. So if a person is born impotent, he will not be curious about anything - not even about truth, because curiosity of any type is basically sexual. To discover something hidden, to know something which is not known, to know the unknown, is sexual. Children will play with each other to find out the hidden parts of the body. That is the beginning of curiosity and the beginning of all science: to find out that which is hidden, that which is not known.

So really it happens that the more sexual a person is, the more inventive he can be. The more sexual a person is, the more intelligent. With less sex energy, less intelligence exists; with more sexual energy, more intelligence, because sex is a deep search to uncover, not only bodies, not only the opposite sex body, but everything that is hidden.

So if a society is very sex-condemnatory, it can never be scientific, because then you condemn curiosity. The East could not be scientific because of so much antagonism toward sex. And the West also could not be scientific as long as Christianity retained its hold. It was only when the Vatican disappeared, when Rome was not significant at all, only within these three hundred years when the palace of Christianity came down and disappeared, that the West could be scientific. The release of sexual energy also became a release into research. A sexually free society will be scientific, and a sexually prohibitive society will be nonscientific.

With sex everything begins to be alive. If your child, when he attains maturity, sexual maturity, begins to behave rebelliously, forgive him. It is but natural. With a new energy coming into his veins, with new life running, he is bound to be rebellious. That rebellion is just part of it. He is also bound to be inventive. He will invent new things, new ways, new styles, new manners of life, new societies. He will dream new dreams, he will think about new utopias. If you condemn sex, then there is no rebellion of youth. All over the world, the rebellion of youth is part of a sexual freedom.

In the old cultures there was no rebellion because sex was so much condemned, the energy was so much suppressed. With that energy suppressed, every rebellion is suppressed. If you give freedom to sex energy, every rebellion will be there, every type of rebellion will be there.

Knowledge in itself has a sexual dimension, so it is right in a way that Adam became aware of sex, the dimension of sex. But with that dimension of sex he became aware of many other things also. This whole expansion of knowledge, this explosion of knowledge, this probing into the unknown, this going to the moon and to other planets, it is a sexual thirst. And the West will go further and further into knowledge, because now the energy is released, and now the energy will take new shapes, new adventures.

With sex and the awareness of sex, Adam started on a long journey. We are on it, everyone is on it, because sex is not just a part of your body - it is you. You are born of sex and you will die of sex, exhausted. Your birth is the birth of sex, and your death is the death of sex. So the moment you feel that the sexual energy is waning, know that death is coming near.

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