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Chapter 38: The Authentic Word

For example, Ramakrishna meditated deeply and whenever he felt any sexual urge disturbing his meditation he would ask his wife Sharda - who was a beautiful woman - to sit on a high stool, naked, and he would sit in front of her, just looking at her, meditating on her till that sexual urge subsided. Then he would touch the feet of Sharda, his own wife, and he would thank her - “You have been helping me immensely; otherwise, where would I have gone? The urge needed some expression, and just watching you was enough.”

The temple of Khajuraho has beautiful statues in all sexual postures. It was a Tantra school that made those statues and the temple. And the first thing that was needed for the student was to meditate on each statue - and they are arranged in such a way that from one corner you go around the temple. It may take six months, but you have to watch each statue until you can see it just as a statue with no sexuality in it - and it is in a sexual posture. But just watching it, seeing it for months, it becomes a pure piece of art; all pornography disappears. Then you move to another. And they are all the perversions of human mind that have been put into the statues.

And when you have circled the whole temple, only then will the master allow you inside the temple. And these six months are of immense meditation and of tremendous release. All repressions gone, one is feeling absolutely light - then the master allows you in. And inside the temple there is no sexual statue; inside the temple there is nothing - emptiness.

Then the master teaches you how to go deeper into your meditation which has arisen in these six months. And now you can go very deep because there is no hindrance, no problem, no sexuality. And this going deep into meditation with no sexual disturbance means the sexual energy is moving with the meditation, not against it. That’s how it is transformed and takes higher forms.

All these so-called therapists know nothing about Tantra; know nothing of why it failed. But they are not interested in that, they are interested in exploiting repressed people. And the repressed people are happy because after a seven or ten day Tantra session, they feel relieved; they think this is some spiritual growth. But within two or three days all that spiritual growth will be gone, and they are ready for another group.

There are some people - you can call them “groupies” - that move from one group to another group to another group. Their whole life is just movement from group to group. Just like hippies.. You can call them “groupies.”