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Chapter 10: Drunk with Awareness

So silently, peacefully, without hurry, without any tension, without any anguish, move into yourself instantly. It is urgent. Unless meditation becomes urgent to you, it will never happen; you will die before it. Put meditation on your laundry list as the most important, urgent.number one.

But meditation in your life is just at the very end of your laundry list - and the laundry list goes on becoming bigger and bigger. And before you finish your laundry list, you are finished, so the time for meditation never comes.

So I take that statement, whoever has made it, as tremendously significant. Don’t try to understand the sentence; I have cut it into pieces clearly for you, so you are not confused.

There is no time for hurry, there is no time for worry; in a single moment what can you do? Only one thing: you can settle within yourself. That will be the great transformation of your being. And certainly it is the most urgent thing - which we have been trying to postpone as long as possible.

How is it these days that the men all seem to be going crazy, yet the women just go on becoming more beautiful, more silent, more graceful?

Milarepa, it is so simple.that I am amazed that you have asked it. When men go crazy then anything is beautiful. The beauty does not depend on the woman, the silence, the grace; it depends on your craziness.

But still it has some significance to be understood. It does not matter if you ask something stupid or idiotic, still I will give you a significant answer.

You are asking, “How is it these days that the men all seem to be going crazy, yet the women just go on becoming more beautiful, more silent, more graceful?”

A few fundamentals our men and our women all have to understand: one is that man’s sexuality is positive, women’s sexuality is negative. Negative is not a condemnation, it is just indicating the nature of their sexuality. Man is the donor and woman is the receiver.

My own experience of old-style Hindu monks, Jaina monks, Buddhist monks, Catholic priests is that they don’t understand the nature of sexuality. They have a positive sexuality; they collect sperm and they don’t have much space for it. They go on eating, they go on nourishing their body, they go on exercising, they go on doing everything that creates more sperms - and the bag where the sperms collect has a very limited capacity. That’s why man can have only one orgasm at a time: just one shot, and his gun is empty!

But the woman has a negative sexuality. She can have multiple orgasms, because she is not losing anything in orgasm - except she is getting tired of all the huffing and puffing, and the ugly beast on top doing push-ups! That’s another thing, they get tired.they keep their eyes closed and they lie down almost like stone statues: “Let him do it, it is just a question of a few seconds. One can survive.”

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