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Chapter 18: Shame Was His Loom

Once he was even more beautiful. If you go back before Christianity corrupted Italy and its innocence, you will be surprised. The Roman civilization was at its peak. All the statues of those days are of beautiful young men; you will not find a single Roman statue of a woman.

But clothes have destroyed the beauties of both - more of the man, less of the woman, because the woman is more body-oriented. She takes care of her body. The reason is biological.

Man’s sexuality is local; it is confined to his genitals. And man’s mind is egoistic and very competitive. Certainly I have come across many people who have asked me, because they could not ask anybody else: their genitals are very small, and they are afraid somebody may see it. There are people who have really big genitals. Man’s whole mind is concentrated on the genitals.

But the woman’s sexuality is not local, it is all over her body. This is one of the greatest mistakes that the God who created the world has committed. Men and women are going to live together, are going to love each other. The woman is far richer as far as sexual energy is concerned - far richer because her whole body vibrates, every cell of her body dances. And because man has only a genital sexuality his whole body, as far as sex is concerned, is just dead.

This creates one of the greatest problems. It can be solved, but if I suggest the solution, I’m condemned all over the world for making such suggestions. Nobody has the guts to condemn or criticize my suggestions, they condemn me. They cannot criticize what I’m saying.

Because man’s sexuality is only genital, while making love he is finished within two minutes. And he is not interested in foreplay with his beloved’s body, nor is he interested in the afterplay. To him the woman is just a wastepaper basket. So whatever burden of sexual energy is torturing him, he uses the woman as a sexual object in a very inhuman way.

If you really understand the thing, first make the woman’s whole body vibrate. Put on beautiful music, incense; dance together. Let her be prepared. Her whole body has to be in a certain position, in a certain excitement, afire with desire and longing to meet and merge.

But man is afraid, because the woman is capable of multiple orgasms and man is finished with one ejaculation. I will not call it orgasm. Orgasm is something spiritual. If he provokes the woman’s whole body, then she will demand that she be satisfied. And she is unsatisfied; that is why she is continuously irritated, annoyed, angry, nagging the man. These problems are the by-products, because she is not satisfied.

There are millions of women who have never known what an orgasm is. A woman can know orgasm only when her whole body functions like a musical instrument. When her whole body starts dancing within - each nerve, each cell - only then is she capable of having an orgasm.

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