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Chapter 6: A Thousand and One Ways to Laugh

Rather than doing that, Philip Sobel, I can help you to be natural. If you are fat, your fatness can disappear. Become a little more loving, become a little more natural. Your fatness will disappear. Fat people are people who are in some way repressing their sexuality. Whenever you repress your sexuality, you will start eating more. That’s a substitute. You will go on stuffing yourself. Hence, I suspect your Hindu monks - because they are all so fat.

Have you seen Muktananda’s guru’s picture? If you have not seen it, it is worth seeing. It is a rare treat. I think he is unique - Nityananda is unique. You may have seen people with big bellies: Nityananda is a belly with a head! The belly is so big, you cannot say that he has a big belly. You can only say that the belly has a small man. And this is bound to happen to sexually repressed people.

But rationalizations.. Muktananda writes in his memoirs that when he was practicing his great siddha yoga, his kundalini started rising. And what really happened he describes in detail. Not knowing anything about Freud, Jung, Adler, Wilhelm Reich.these Indian so-called gurus are absolutely noncontemporary. They don’t know anything that has happened in these last one thousand years. They are at least one thousand years behind. So when he talks about kundalini, he says that his genital organs became so strong, so erect, that they started hurting; that his prick was so erect it started touching his belly button. Kundalini rising.!

These fools go on teaching the West that this is the kundalini rising. This is simply repressed sex and nothing else. It is such a simple fact.

When the kundalini rises, something just the opposite happens.

An African native was bathing in the river by his village when a group of tourists arrived on the scene. They stared in awe at the enormity of his prick. The native looked back at them, embarrassed, and said, “Why is it so amusing? Don’t yours shrink in cold water?”

When the kundalini rises it is taking a bath in cold water, in ice-cold water.! But Nityananda’s disciple cannot be anything else. Whenever you repress your sex, you will start eating more, you will become fat. You will become ugly, you will lose all proportion.

Philip Sobel, rather than trying makeup out on any of my sannyasins, allow some of my sannyasins to remove some fat from you. That will be far more enhancing for your spiritual beauty. And if you are not turned on by the beautiful sannyasins here, that simply shows that you have become fixed, fixated on homosexuality. Jews have suffered the longest from homosexuality - from the days of the Old Testament. Three thousand years of homosexuality - it has become almost natural to them by now.

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