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Chapter 6: Come to Your Own Festival

This is your original face. We in the East have symbolized Gautam Buddha’s face as everybody’s original face - that is only a symbol.

Recognize it!

And rejoice in its recognition.

At this moment you are the most blessed people on the earth. Everybody is concerned with the trivia, you are trying to explore the very center of life and existence.

Other than this, there is no religiousness.

Other than this, there is no spirituality.

And this experience is absolutely individual, it has nothing to do with the collective, with the society, with an organized religion.

And from this opening, you can see there is no God, there is only godliness surrounding you - all around limitless.

The height is infinite.

The depth is infinite, but you don’t find any God anywhere. On the contrary, you start melting and disappearing.

Gautama the Buddha Auditorium has become an ocean of consciousness. Ten thousand buddhas have joined together into one consciousness.

This is your truth, and this is the beauty of the truth, and this is the divineness of the truth.

One who knows this center and this opening into existence, knows all.

Collect as many flowers as you can of serenity, of tranquillity, of silence, of peace, of ecstasy, of a divine drunkenness. You have to bring all these juices of life from the center to the surface of your day-to-day life. You have to start living like a buddha, with the same grace, with the same beauty, with the same truth, with the same authenticity, with the same originality.

This opening and the experience of it will bring you a dignity which is not ego, a pride which is not ego, but simply a joy, simply a remembrance that you are existential, not accidental. Hence, the possibility of celebration.

The accidental person lives in anguish, in anxiety, in angst.

The existential person lives in celebration, in love, in grace, in gratitude.

Do not forget to persuade the buddha to come with you.

These are the three steps of enlightenment.

The first step, buddha comes behind you as a shadow. But the shadow is luminous, it has tremendous warmth, and it surrounds you with a new fragrance, fragrance of the beyond.

The next step, the second step, you become the shadow, buddha comes in front of you. Your shadow goes on becoming thinner and thinner as buddha becomes more and more solid and existential.