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Chapter 6: I Have Found My People

My own standpoint is beyond both. I can see that they are each too much attached to one gestalt. One is saying that the young woman is real and the old woman is just false. The other is saying the old woman is real and the young woman is just false. But as far as I am concerned, the young woman and the old woman are not separate. Either both are true or both are untrue, because they are made of the same lines. If you deny the old woman is real, take out all the lines that make the old woman, and you will find the young woman has also disappeared. Or vice versa: if you think the old woman is real, then take away the unreal young woman’s lines and the old woman will disappear. They are really two ways of seeing the same reality.

To me there is no division. To me it is a question of transcending the duality of parallel lines, of not getting caught into any gestalt, but going beyond both gestalts and seeing, as a witness, the matter and the mind. And you are far away from both. Then opens up a new world of luxury, a new world of grace, a new world of magnificence.

What you are saying is immensely important. Your question is one of those few questions which everybody has to understand, because everybody will have to encounter the reality implied in the question. You are saying, “Sitting with you a feeling of magnificence and utter luxuriousness, which feels so different from material luxury, keeps on arising in me.”

Trust in it. Settle more and more deeply in it, because you are on the right path! What is happening to you, sitting here with me in communion, is just your own inner world opening. If you love me and you trust me, then there is no need to keep your heart closed. There is no need to keep your defenses, there is no need to keep distances, there is no need to have any fear. If love cannot destroy your fear and if trust cannot take away your security measures, it is not worth calling it love, it is not worth calling it trust.

The whole experience of being with a living master is that the disciple slowly, slowly relaxes, puts away all the defenses - there is nobody who is going to hurt him - starts coming closer, because there is no fear. The whole world lives in fear, in such deep fear that we have created very hidden defense arrangements.For example: in the West people shake hands, and it is thought to be a friendly gesture. It is not! It was basically out of fear that people started shaking hands; because it is the right hand which is dangerous - you may be carrying a weapon. It is better to shake hands and be completely assured that the other is not carrying any weapon. It is a very strange world. Shaking hands was a gesture of enmity, not of friendship. That’s why the left hand is not used in shaking hands, because the right hand is your active hand. If you are carrying something dangerous, it will be in your right hand.

In the East people were even more alert and conscious, because people were more cowardly than in the West. The whole philosophy of nonviolence has made them cowardly. They have found an even better way, because when you shake hands you come too close. That is dangerous, coming too close, and even the left hand can be used to wound you, to shoot you.

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