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Chapter 4: From Dreams toward Truth

But we are such, we refuse to budge even an inch from our dream state. Rather, we are forever occupied in strengthening its walls from all sides. He who is surrounded by lesser things, begins to dream of bigger things. A member of parliament begins to dream of becoming a cabinet minister; one staying in a hut dreams of owning a palace. The dream of living in a hut is a painful dream, the dream of living in a palace is an enjoyable dream, so all those whose dreams are painful, dream of more fulfilling dreams. Those in Junagadh wish themselves in Delhi.and so the dreams are preserved and strengthened because we refuse to stop dreaming. And the more we dream, the further we are from truth. Dreams are to be destroyed and not nurtured - but we are displeased and upset if anyone talks of destroying our dreams!

A famous doctor of England has dedicated a book to George Gurdjieff - a Western fakir. His words of dedication have appealed to me immensely: “To George Gurdjieff - the disturber of my sleep.” There are a few such in the world who disturb our sleep, but they are never liked nor appreciated for the world is fast asleep, lost to its dreams. Then, when such a one comes along who disturbs our sleep and tries to shake us out of our torpor, we oppose him with all our might. But alas, the one who has stepped outside the dreamworld finds his soul yearning to get others also out of their slumber, to witness that which lies outside the dreamworld - to know the world of truth. Those that know not truth, know not life, and in their slumber they let life’s meaning pass by. They lose everything because of their apathy.

Those that sleep are the losers; those that have awakened, they alone attain the wealth, the beauty, the prosperity of life. Please remember these two short rules: Life is a dream and man has to be only a witness thereof. As the witness state develops the dreams begin to break, until only that remains in the end, which is the reality, which is the truth.