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Chapter 8: Knowing Nothing about Everything

“Well, I will come clean of my weakness,” said the prominent executive. “No one in town has ever seen me drunk, but twice a year I drive to another town where I am not known, rent a motel room for a few days, get stoned, and return home feeling better than ever!”

“I am not ashamed to admit that my weakness is women,” said another important businessman. “I have to be very discreet, of course, but with a cautious secretary it can be managed easily enough. I have never yet been found out.”

The fourth member of the group, who had been listening intently, said nothing. He was the rabbi of the village. The others expected him to reveal something, but he shrugged his shoulders as is the way of all the Jews of all the ages. He simply shrugged his shoulders.

“Well,” asked one of them, “Rabbi, how about you?”

“I would rather not confess,” he said shaking his head. They looked at him with suspicion. What could he be covering up? Each of them accused him of being a poor sport, especially since they had all opened up.

Finally the rabbi gave in. “All right,” he said reluctantly, “if you must know my weakness, it is scandal - and I can hardly wait to get out of this place!”

Enough for today.