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Chapter 6: You’ll Never Forget the Jokes

Actions become part of the past. Actions can be in the future, they can be in the past. God is always in the present. God has no past and no future. And God has not done a thing. When you think that he has created the world, you are creating his image according to yourself. You cannot remain without doing anything - you become too restless, it makes you too uneasy - so you have conceived of God also as a creator. Not only as a creator.. Christians say that for six days he created and on the seventh day, Sunday, he rested - a holiday. The Bible says God created man in his own image. Just the reverse seems to be the case: man has created God in his own image. Because you cannot remain unoccupied, you think: What will God do if he is not creating the world? And because you get tired by doing, you think God must also have got tired after six days - so on the seventh day he rested. This is just anthropomorphic. You are thinking about God just as you would think about yourself. No, God has not created the world; the world comes out of his nonactivity, the world comes out of his nondoing. The world is a flowering of God, just like a tree.

Do you think a tree is creating the flowers - making much effort, doing exercises, planning, asking the experts? The tree is not doing anything at all. The tree is just there, absolutely unoccupied. In that unoccupied state, the flower flowers by itself. And remember, if some day trees become foolish - as foolish as man is - and they start trying to bring the flowers, then flowers will stop coming. They will not come because they always come effortlessly. Just watch a flower. Can you see anything of effort in it? The very being of a flower is so effortless, it simply opens. But we cannot conceive of it. The birds singing in the morning .do you think they go to Ravi Shankar to learn? Do you think they are doing something in the morning when they start singing? No, nothing of that sort. The sun rises, and out of their emptiness arises the song. The greatest miracle in the world is that God has created without doing a thing. It is out of nothingness.

I was reading about the life of Wagner, a German composer and great musician. Somebody asked Wagner, “Can you say anything about the secret of why you have created such beautiful music - and how?”

Wagner said, “Because I was unhappy. If I had been happy, I would not have written down a single note. People who are unhappy have to fill their lives with imagination because their reality is lacking something.” And he is right in many ways. People who have never loved write poetry about love. That is a substitute. If love has really happened in life, who bothers to write poetry about it? One would have been poetry himself; there would be no need to write it.

Wagner said, “Poets write about love because they have missed love.” And then he made a statement which is tremendously meaningful. He said, “And I think God created the world because he was unhappy.” A great insight - but the insight is relevant to man, not to God. If you ask me, God created the world.in the first place, he is not “a creator” but “a creativity”.but to use the old expression, God created the world not because he was unhappy, but because he was so happy that he overflowed; he had so much.

The tree is flowering there in the garden not because it is unhappy. The flower comes only when the tree has too much to share and does not know what to do with it. The flower is an overflowing. When the tree is not well-fed, not well-watered, has not received the right quota of sunlight and care and love, it doesn’t flower because flowering is a luxury. It happens only when you have too much, more than you need. Whenever you have too much, what will you do? It will become a heaviness, it will be a burden; it has to be released. The tree bursts and blooms, it has come to its luxurious moment.

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