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Chapter 5: To Hell with Enlightenment!

Just by his side used to live another professor, of economics, who had a beautiful car. And I had told him, “Tomorrow you should not come out of your house before Roy has passed the post office. Just watch, and then bring the car, and stop by his side and say to him, What is the matter, man? You come in. I will take you to the doctor, you are not in right condition to walk one mile.”

And Roy said, “You are perfectly right. I was wondering that if somebody comes I can ask for a lift. You are so kind. I am feeling dizzy; I could not sleep the whole night. And I have a strange fever that does not show on the body, but I know there is something feverish inside.perhaps a brain fever? I looked in the mirror and my face looks absolutely white.” And he had said just the opposite to his wife just five minutes before!

I told the professor of economics, Dr. Sahai, “The whole journey, go on talking about his sickness and tell him that it is old age, and not to be worried: It happens to everybody. Perhaps brain surgery.but don’t be worried, I am here just by your side. I will take care of your family. My feeling is that you need hospitalization.”

And Roy said, “Hospitalization? I was thinking just a visit to the doctor will do.”

The professor of economics said, “You are not taking the thing seriously. Perhaps you have a brain tumor or something; otherwise, why are you feeling dizzy, wobbly, and a fever which is not showing on your body? On the contrary, your body seems to be cold. It must be something to do with your brain. You have been working too hard on your doctoral thesis. And I have told you there is no need. You have a doctorate; there is no need for another doctorate from Cambridge. You are unnecessarily.and you are now old. You should recognize that there is a time when one can work, and there is a time one should understand how far one is capable of going.”

And Roy said, “Perhaps you are right; I should drop that project. It is three-fourths complete - what a pity that I have to drop it; it is a great thesis.”

Nobody had compared Shankara with Bradley, and both are very similar in their vision. But they were not acquainted with each other. Shankara was fourteen hundred years before Bradley, so there was no possibility for him to know about Bradley. Bradley was just in the beginning of this century, and even he was not aware of Shankara, because he was an original thinker. He was not interested in studying other philosophers; he was more interested to bring out his own ideas.

But they have both come to the same conclusions.

But Roy said, “Perhaps you are right - I should not put too much strain on myself.”

And then I had told the peon in front of the department, who used to sit outside the department to give appointments and other things.he was a strong man. I told him, “You simply take Professor Roy in your hands. Even if he resists don’t worry. I promise you there will be no trouble for you.”

He said, “If you promise, then there is no problem. So what do you want?”

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