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Chapter 3: The Bee Has Received Its Invitation

Once I had a cat - a very foolish cat, almost a politician. She would go and climb on the trees, and in that she was perfect. And she would go to the topmost branch of the tree and then she would be stuck there and she did not know how to come down. And it was a problem almost every day - somebody had to go up the tree to bring her down. She would be stuck there and she would cry and make noise in agony. And she never learned. So I used to call that cat “the politician.”

He goes on - prime minister, president, Adolph Hitler, Richard Nixon - he goes to the highest top and then there is nowhere else to go and he does not know how to climb down. No politician ever knows how to climb down. He learns only one art: how to go on climbing up and up. Then there comes a moment when there is no more “up”.. Then, great frustration.

It is said that Alexander went to see an astrologer. The astrologer looked at his hand and said, “Alexander, everything is okay, you will become the greatest conqueror in the world. But remember, there is only one world to be conquered.” And it is said, Alexander became very sad. The astrologer asked, “Why have you become so sad, so suddenly?” He said, “What else should I do? If there is only one world, then once I have conquered it, what am I going to do? It makes me feel very sad.”

The climber.. In animals you can observe the pecking-order. If you see a group of monkeys you will find one as the president or the prime minister or whatsoever you call the king of the monkeys, and all the monkeys following him. He is the leader, he dominates. If you come across tigers you will find one tiger dominating the whole herd. To dominate somebody else, to try to conquer somebody else, is a very animal instinct.

The real man tries to conquer himself, not others. He wants to know himself. He does not want to fulfill some inner gap by dominating somebody else. The real man loves freedom for himself and for others too.

Then third is sex - and I say it is better than food, than politics, because it has a little higher quality: it shares. It has something higher. In food, you simply absorb; you don’t share. In domination, you destroy; you don’t create. Sex is the highest possibility on the lower plane - you share, you share your energy, and you become creative. As far as animal existence is concerned, sex is the highest value. And people are stuck somewhere with these three.

The fourth is the anahat chakra. The first three are animal, the last three are divine, and in between these two is the fourth, anahata - the heart chakra, the lotus of the heart, the chakra of love. And that is the bridge. Love is the bridge between the animal and the divine. Try to understand it as deeply as possible, because that is the whole message of Kabir - the message of love. Below the heart, a man is animal; above the heart, he becomes divine. Only in the heart is a man human. That’s why a man who can feel, who can love, who can pray, who can cry, who can laugh, who can share, who can have compassion, is the really human being. Humanity has dawned in him, the first rays of the sun have entered in him.

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