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Chapter 27: People Are Here to Meditate, to Be Themselves

Don Latin, San Francisco Examiner, California and Pete King, Los Angeles Times, California.

Don Latin,

San Francisco Examiner, California.

This morning you said Sheela’s group injected one of the Share-a-Home people with a drug and he died of an overdose. Were you referring to the death of William Allen whose body was found last October behind a tavern near Mount Hood or another case or could you explain what the details were of that?

Details I don’t know. Perhaps that is the man. Just one sannyasin has informed that one of the participants in Share-a-Home program was overdosed. Sheela and her company was giving drugs to all the participants to keep them silent, calm down, almost unconscious, and this was an accident. So the man died and they threw the body outside Rancho Rajneesh. Perhaps that is the man that you are referring, but details you should inquire Isabel.

Okay. Did you say they were inject the Share-a-Home people with drugs or were they putting it in their food or beverages or just how were they?

Because I was silent and I had no idea what they were doing - whether they were inject. Giving them injections or giving them orally, you can inquire it from our medical corporation who will be more capable to give you the details. But certainly they were giving them drugs; it does not matter whether you give it orally or you inject it.

Pete King,

Los Angeles Times, California.

There’s confusion among the press and among your press office and among the financial people that we’ve talked to today over exactly what you meant when you were referring to allegations of theft that had come to you, and also statements about a potential debt of fifty-five million dollars. Can you precisely lay out what those two things are about?

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