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Chapter 9: The Voice of Silence

Remember, when we experience bliss, when we begin to draw on it, we realize that the streams of bliss are connected to brahman. However much we draw on them, they will never dry up. We are merely a well whose streams are connected to the faraway ocean. That ocean is brahman. That is why bliss increases when it is shared, and that is why it becomes whole only when it is being shared.

Now let us understand this sutra.

Out of the silence that is peace
a resonant voice shall arise.
And this voice will say: It is not well;
thou hast reaped, now thou must sow.

It is the opposite of what usually happens: first people sow and then reap. This sutra says:

.thou hast reaped, now thou must sow.

In this world, first we sow and then we reap. In the spiritual world, first we reap and then we sow. The laws in our world and the laws of the spiritual world are exactly the opposite of each other. Whatever is the law here, the law there will be just the opposite. If we reverse the laws of this world, they become the laws of the spiritual world.

Understand it this way: a man is standing on the shore of a lake that is full of fish. If those fish see the reflection of the man in the water, they will see him with his feet at the top and his head at the bottom, because the reflection in the water is inverted. But if the fish jump out of water and see the man, they will be very surprised: they may think he is standing upside down - because in the water his legs seemed to be above his head. The fish will inform their friends that the man was standing on the earth upside down.

This world is a reflection of the spiritual, it is a reflection of the truth. Reality is not the same way around as it appears to be, but in your world of thoughts, it is that way around. The day that you rise above the turbulent lake of your thoughts, on that day you will discover that in fact reality is exactly the opposite of how you thought it was, that just the opposite is the case. What was seen in the shadow of your thoughts, what was seen in the mirror of your thoughts, was incorrect. It was just the reflected image.

In the spiritual world, first we reap and then we have to sow. Why? First bliss is experienced - this means you have already reaped the harvest. First you take the breath in and then you exhale. You have reaped the harvest of bliss. The second phase is when you sow these seeds of bliss far and wide, so that other people may also reap its harvest. Someone else had sown and you have reaped that harvest.

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