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Chapter 23: No Beginning - No End

Jainism has a far better idea: a boy and girl were always born together. They were not brother and sister as it turned out later on; they were husband and wife. That’s why the Sanskrit word bhagini has two meanings. Very strange.one meaning is sister; the other meaning is wife. The meaning wife is older, but soon people realized that if twins marry, their children don’t survive. Even if they survive they are weak, intellectually retarded, will have some kind of physical weakness.

Once it was realized the process was stopped. And the word bhagini, which used to mean wife, started to have a new meaning, sister, which is a very different meaning. And still the Sanskrit dictionaries carry both the meanings.

Basically the word is very beautiful. It means two persons who have shared the same womb. It says nothing about time - whether they shared the womb together or at different times - but that they shared the same womb. People decided it should mean sister, and that it was an ugliness in the beginning when twins started marrying. But they had thought that it was a gift of nature, that nature had chosen who was going to be your wife. Where, in this whole world, will you choose who is made for you? The best way is to have both be born together. But genetics and gynecology studies all agree on one point - that the man and wife should be as far away from each other as possible. Then their children will be better physically, mentally, spiritually.

We are using it for animals, but we are not scientific enough to understand the thing. We use crossbreeding with animals.you bring English bulls for your cows. If you were really scientifically minded, you would find husbands for your daughters in faraway countries, wives for your sons in faraway countries, so there is no blood relationship possible. That would raise the human quality.age, intelligence, health, everything. But these ideas of why the one became two.It never became two; it has always been two.

And why is there so much of a problem about two? The two are complementary. They make one organic whole, but they are not one. Existence is dialectical. It uses opposites as tension. Now the questioner is asking why God did not only make men, and that he could have made the whole of existence on the same basis. It would have been a very colorless, dull, boring existence - just males wherever you go.horses, elephants, camels - all males. You would not find something attractive, because attraction needs some difference. And the opposite, the polar opposite, is the most attractive.

Existence is dialectical: it is male-female; it is positive-negative. And recently, it has been proved beyond doubt that in Africa, in Europe, in America, one of the most dangerous diseases ever is spreading - AIDS. No other disease can be compared to it because there is no cure for it, and scientists are almost certain that there will be no cure for it. The disease is such that they cannot conceive of any cure. And the person has to die within two years, at the most, two years.

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