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Chapter 5: Trust Is Natural to Man

Immediately: knowledge needs time, knowing is immediate. If I want to share my knowledge with you it will take time, but if I want to share my nothingness with you, time is not needed. Immediately, right here now, it is possible. Only your readiness is needed. Time is not a requirement at all, it can happen in a split second.

Whenever I read this gospel the thing that strikes me immediately is: the moment Jesus was baptized and the heavens opened and the spirit of God descended like a dove, he moved out of the river, went to the bank - a crowd was gathering - and he started to preach. Before that he had never uttered a single word, before that he had not taught anything to anybody.

That’s how it should be. A teacher can go on teaching without knowing, but not a master. Teachers are many, masters few. A master is one who teaches through his knowing and a teacher is one who teaches through his knowledge. A teacher prepares himself for years, then he can teach. But a master in a single moment of courage, in a single moment of daring, in a single moment of death, in a single moment of jumping into the unknown, becomes capable of teaching. Once you know, that very knowing wants to be shared; once you are blissful, that very blissfulness starts flowing, it starts seeking the heart. Once you are, you are already on the way to be shared by many.

Jesus moved out of the river:

From that time Jesus began to preach,
and to say,
“Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

John the Baptist was saying the same thing. Jesus could have said the same thing just by hearing John the Baptist - he was a well-known preacher, great multitudes used to visit him, great crowds used to wait and listen to him. Everybody knew that his message was this: “Repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Jesus must have known about it, but he had never uttered those words before.

To utter such great words without knowing is sacrilegious, it is a betrayal. Never utter such great words unless you know yourself, because you can destroy others’ minds. You can fill their minds with your rot. If you don’t know, and you go on saying things to people, as it has happened all over the world..

Go and look at the priests in the churches and the temples and the mosques - they go on teaching and they go on preaching, not knowing anything, whatsoever they are saying. They are not aware of what they are doing at all - dictaphones! They have learned, but they have not known. They have studied, but they don’t have their own eyes; their own hearts are as dead as those to whom they are preaching. Their minds may be more cultivated, but their hearts are as ill as anybody else’s.

Jesus had never uttered these words before. Nobody had known about this man Jesus before this. He remained in his father’s workshop; he worked, he helped his father. Suddenly a new quality of man, a new man, altogether fresh, was born. Baptism is a birth.

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