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Chapter 9: The Voice of Silence

A sad man is miserly, he cannot give. He clings to everything, he grabs everything. He holds everything to his chest, he cannot let go of anything. You will be surprised to know that psychologists say a miserly man does not even breathe deeply, because to inhale deeply one has to exhale deeply. Psychologists say that it is almost certain that a miserly person will become constipated - because he cannot even eliminate waste from his body. He withholds even that. Psychologists say that constipation cannot occur unless there is a deep-seated miserliness in the subconscious. There is no other reason to stop the elimination of waste. The body eliminates it, it is the nature of the body to eliminate it, a very natural process, but the mind stops it. Remember, many people become interested in celibacy because they are miserly. Their enthusiasm for celibacy is not really a part of any search for the supreme reality. It is a part of their miserliness; that the energy contained in the semen should not be dispersed. Very few people become interested in celibacy from considered understanding. Mostly it is because of miserliness: whatever is inside should remain there, nothing should pass out.

That is why a miserly person cannot love. You cannot find a miserly person in love, because giving is a part of love. The very giving is love. And how can one who cannot give, love? That is why someone who is miserly cannot be loving. The opposite is also true: someone who is loving cannot be miserly, because someone who can give his heart for love can give away everything. There is no relation between bliss and miserliness; with sorrow there is.

So the day bliss happens you will really become a giver, your beggarliness will go. On that day, for the first time you will become capable of sharing. And you will have found a source which grows and does not shrink from being shared.

If you distribute wealth it decreases. It will decrease because the source of wealth is sorrow, not bliss. In some way or other accumulation of wealth will always depend on someone else’s sorrow. Your wealth is created out of someone else’s grief. So even though you are accumulating wealth, pain is also being accumulated. If you go around distributing wealth it will decrease, because wealth is not an inner state but a collection of things. If commodities are distributed they decrease.

I have heard:

A beggar was begging from a housewife. She gave him plentiful food and filled his begging bowl. She also gave him some clothes and some money. The beggar was good-looking, and appeared to belong to a good family. Although his clothes were torn and old, there was a brilliance in his eyes. His face, the contours of his face, his form, the beauty of him.. The housewife could not restrain herself, and she asked, “You look as if you come from a good family - how did this happen to you?”

The beggar said, “I did just what you are doing now - I kept giving. The condition I am in now will also be yours one day.”

Material wealth has limits - if it is distributed it will diminish. There are no limits to bliss - if it is distributed it will increase. The source of bliss is within, and the more it is shared the more new sources will emerge. Understand it this way. We dig a well, then pump the water out, and the springs fill the well. Have you ever thought where these springs come from? They are connected to the vast ocean, they will not dry up. The well will dry up if water is never drawn from it, but if it is used daily it will stay fresh and new. And the oceans to which these springs are connected are inexhaustible.

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