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Chapter 20: Crime: A Crowd Psychology

And that’s where you can see the difference between Jesus and Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha used to say that whenever a person becomes initiated into meditation, enters his own soul - where nobody else can enter, where he is going to be absolutely alone - there arises in him the lion’s roar. Buddha is giving dignity to you, he is transforming you from the world of sheep into the glory of being a lion. I want my people to be lions.

You can be together. Not as a crowd but as a gathering of lions; each one separate and individual, allowing space for everybody else.

It is because of people like Jesus - who are beautiful, in many ways - that the world is suffering all kinds of oppression, exploitation. Because what can a sheep do? No one has ever heard of a revolution happening in a crowd of sheep. They are very obedient to the crowd. They are very obedient to the shepherd.

The shepherd is not going to save them; he has already destroyed them. And to call himself a shepherd and other human beings just sheep shows a deep-rooted ego, not enlightenment - where ego disappears; when one is but there is no “I,” no ego, no longing to be superior and holier than others.

The misunderstandings in Kahlil Gibran are deeply connected with the misunderstandings of Jesus Christ. He loved Jesus, his language reflects Jesus, his statements reflect Jesus, although he is far more poetic. His way of expression is far more beautiful, but never be deceived by expressions, howsoever beautiful they are. Dissect all those beautiful expressions and you will not find anything within them. Or, what you will find will be only darkness, misunderstanding, ignorance.

People who have been in search of truth have always gone in aloneness. And people who want to find the meaning of life have always gone into themselves, where nobody else can enter.

Aloneness outside, aloneness inside - and you have come to a point where you can roar like a lion. Of course, millions of sheep are going to be annoyed with you because they cannot roar like a lion, and they cannot soar like an eagle. They have been told just to believe in the crowd in which they have accidentally been born. A person who remains part of a crowd never attains his true individuality. He remains fake.

You have heard the expression which exists in almost all languages: a sheep hiding itself in a lion’s skin. These kinds of sayings are not out of the wisdom of centuries, they are out of the ignorance of centuries. I would like to put the proverb right: the truth is that you are a lion forced to live in the skin of a sheep.

And there is no need, and there is no place where you have to knock to find the blessed one. Yes, there is a space where the blessed one is already waiting for you, and it is within you. Neither Jesus nor anybody else can lead you there, only you. If you revolt from being a sheep and gather courage to roar like a lion and to move like a lion, you will be the blessed one.

Like the ocean is your god-self;
It remains for ever undefiled.

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