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Chapter 27: Love Is Not Something to Get, Love Is Something to Give

Those two people must have been in deep love. They had revolted against the society, against the religion, against their parents, against the family. They had risked everything and they were going to be married. And the woman looked at the man who was filling out the form - because she had filled out hers - and then she suddenly said to the registrar, “I want an immediate divorce.”

He said, “What happened? You are filling out forms for marriage. Even the honeymoon has not happened. In fact, even marriage has not happened because I have not sealed it. Why do you want a divorce so suddenly?”

She said, “I hate this man!”

The registrar said, “This is strange - you brought him here?”

She said, “Yes, I brought him here. I used to love him, but when I saw his form.he has signed in such big letters! He was watching when I was signing. I signed just the way I always sign, and he has signed in letters three times bigger - almost half of the form is his signature. I don’t want to live with this man, he has shown his domination, his power.”

The registrar said, “Then there is no need of any divorce. Just throw away your forms in the wastepaper basket, because I have not sealed them, and get lost.”

Such a small thing, that the man was signing in big letters but it is indicative. It shows that he’s a male chauvinist.

What about your whole life? Everything is a problem, everything is a conflict. And the reason is that we have accepted a false idea that we know how to love. We don’t know. We are coming from animals. Animals don’t love.

Love is a very new thing in human life. Animals reproduce but they don’t love. You will not find in buffaloes, Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu, Shiri and Farhad, Soni and Mahival. No buffaloes are interested in such romantic things - they are very earthbound, they reproduce - and nature is perfectly satisfied with buffaloes, remember. Nature may be trying to destroy humanity but nature is not trying to destroy buffaloes and donkeys and monkeys, no. They are not problems at all.

Love is a new phenomenon that has arisen with human consciousness. You will have to learn it.

Creating beautiful paintings, poetries, sculpture, music, dances - that is all in your hands. But when you come into contact with a human being, you have to understand that on the other side is the same kind of consciousness. You have to give respect and dignity to the person you love. This is the reason why you cannot relate with human beings.

Forget about human beings and love - you simply meditate. That will release in you the insight, the vision, the clarity, and the energy to share.

Love is another name of sharing your abundant energy. You have too much, you are burdened with it. You would like to share it with people you like. Your love - what you call love - is not a sharing, it is a snatching.

Everybody’s trying to snatch more love. The wife goes on saying, “You don’t love me enough!” The husband goes on saying, “It seems you don’t love me!”

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