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Chapter 2: To Define Is to Confine - Existence Has No Boundaries

But people have found a relationship - it is not a coincidence. Then life becomes related to profound realities, even your small stupidities. Now even if God is there, do you think he will bother about Bishop Jenkins? And if he does bother then what kind of anger is this? He should at least learn a little marksmanship. And he must have been doing this for millions of years; so much training..

I am reminded that a king who was a very great lover of archery - and he himself was a master archer - always wanted to meet anybody who was better than him. But his whole life he could never find anybody who was better than him. But one day when he was passing through a small village, he saw on every tree a strange thing - perfect marksmanship, a master far better than him. On every tree, on the wooden fences, everywhere, he found a round circle with an arrow just exactly in the middle.

He stopped his chariot and asked, “Where is this great archer? I would like to honor him. I will take him to the palace - he should be my master. I have been in search but I have never found anybody better than me. But this man seems to be a hundred percent accurate. Not even by a minute part of an inch does he miss; he exactly hits the center.”

He went to a few trees and measured and it was the exact center. He asked somebody from the village.because people had gathered; the king was there, the golden chariot was there - and what is he doing? And he asked them, “Where is this great archer?”

They all laughed, they said, “He is no archer, he is the idiot of this village.” They said, “You don’t understand.”

“You are all idiots!” the king said. “Such a great archer and you call him an idiot?”

They said, “First, try to understand. He is no archer, he is just a fool. First he shoots the arrow and then he draws the circle. Of course it is perfectly accurate, the circle he draws afterwards. So wherever the arrow goes, there he makes the circle. Don’t get worried about him, just go on your way. He is a complete idiot.

“We have been telling him that this is not the way of archery. First you make the circle and then you shoot, but he goes on doing it his own way: he shoots first. He says, ‘What does it matter which you do first and which you do second? This way it is always perfect. Your way does not work at all, I have tried it.’”

Now, God, for millions of years, has been threatening people with lightning, killing people with lightning. Hinduism believes that lightning is nothing but the arrow of the lord Shiva. So whenever there is lightning they have to make a sacrifice to Shiva, to pray or do some rituals, because lightning is the perfect symbol that Shiva is angry, and they have to find the person who has made him angry.

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