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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

It is impossible to protect those societies, those governments, those churches. They have lost all roots. And they are aware of it, that just a push and they will fall down. They cannot even resist - even that much power is not left. You can make a corpse stand, but if you push it, it cannot retaliate; it is bound to fall down.

All these countries are corpses. And they don’t want their youth to come in contact with anybody who can show them that the old is dead and you have to find a new way of life. This is not a question of one country; it is a question of the whole human past. Just a deep attachment, a deep conditioning..

There is a beautiful story in India:

Shiva is one of the Hindu trinity of gods. It is not called a trinity, it is called “trimurti” - three faces of one god. Shiva is one. He fell in love with a beautiful woman, Parvati, and he loved her so much that when she died he would not accept that she was dead.

Nobody could dare to tell him that she was dead and now it was time to take her to the crematorium. On the contrary, he carried the corpse of Parvati on his shoulder all over India, in search of some physician, some healer, who could bring her back to life. You cannot carry a corpse.. It took twelve years for him to move around the country - it is a big country. Wherever he heard that there was some physician, he would go there.

In those twelve years the parts of the woman he was carrying started falling off - the hand fell, the leg fell, the head fell. But he was not worried about that; he was not even looking at her, because he was afraid to look.

Note that point. He was afraid to look at her, because deep down he also knew that she was dead. But his mind would not like to believe it; he wanted to believe she was alive. Now she was not even whole. The head had fallen somewhere, the legs had fallen somewhere else, the hands had fallen somewhere else.

India is a country of stories, signifying tremendous meanings. Now there are twelve pilgrimage temples which are made at points where one part of Parvati fell, to give the story a feeling of reality. Twelve temples exist all over the country representing.because some part of Parvati had fallen there, they have become sacred.

But Shiva remained completely blind, knowingly blind. And this is the situation of the world. The societies are rotten, the religions are dead; the politicians are only promising, knowing perfectly well they cannot fulfill any promise.

The future is dark, but nobody wants to see it. The past is dead, and if you go on clinging to the past, the future is going to become darker and darker. I will be avoided by every country. I will be persecuted by every power, for the simple reason that I want them to see the reality. They are keeping their eyes closed.

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