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Chapter 5: One Becomes Three

By skillful means one Maya has given birth to three disciples:
Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the sustainer; and Shiva, the destroyer.
God directs them by His will and His order.

The descent is from one to three, and from three to many; but however far away you are from the one, you cannot step outside his edicts, his orders. No matter how much you disintegrate, how much divided you are in the many, he is present within you. If he is not, you cannot be. You may wander far, far away. You may go astray, but you cannot go so far that there is no point of return; there is no such point of no return.

Therefore no person is unredeemable. Even if a person has fallen into the lowermost depths of sin, he is not beyond cure. In terms of spiritual knowledge, there is no illness that is incurable, that cannot be remedied. All spiritual diseases can be cured. You cannot go so far that you cannot return.

Wherever you go, he is present. However far you go, it is he who takes you. Even in sin you need his help, because it is he who breathes within the sinner, it is he who beats within the sinner’s heart. We can go far, very far. We can forget him, but there is no way of losing him.

So when you ask, “How are we to seek him?” your question is not correct, for you have never lost him. Even if you wish to, you cannot lose him for he is your very nature. Were he apart from you, you could have lost him, forgotten him somewhere, but you cannot do this even by mistake, because he is you.

Then what happens? You merely forget. There is also a way to forget oneself. Man can forget himself, forget his very nature. And yet his nature stands within him.

I have a friend. He is a lawyer, but a more forgetful person is hard to find. He forgets almost everything. On occasions he even forgets whom he was representing in court, who had engaged him to fight the case. But he is a very important lawyer. Once he had to go to another town to fight a case. When he reached there he found to his horror that he had forgotten the client’s name. He sent a telegram to his secretary, “What is his name?” The secretary wired back the lawyer’s name thinking he had forgotten that this time.

There is every possibility of forgetting one’s own self also. The whole world is proof that one’s own self can be forgotten. And what is the way to forget? The way to forget is the same as the way to remember.

How can forgetfulness be remedied? By meditation! When you become too much object-oriented, you forget yourself. For through concentration alone one remembers, and through concentration alone one forgets. Wherever you apply your attention, that is what comes to mind.

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