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Chapter 12: The Ultimate Intercourse

As Jung was leaving this pundit mumbled, “Please excuse us. These perversions are the reflections of a few sick minds from the distant past; this is not our national character. And do not think that the things you have seen here are representative of our religion or philosophy. These are just the products of some perverted minds.”

Jung has written in his memoirs, “I was astonished to come across statues of such depth and such significance.” But the modern-day Hindu has such a view about them.. The Hindu has gone weak.

The shivalinga symbolizes a state in which your whole body can experience sexual ecstasy through every fiber of it. And it is only then that you will be free of genital sex and will have attained to celibacy.

So celibacy is not renunciation of sexual enjoyment but the taste of ultimate enjoyment. The enjoyment becomes so absolute that to experience it you do not need to do anything separately. A breeze passes and your every cell is thrilled by its touch as when the lover is caressed by his beloved.

But we have frightened our children so much that the fear of sex stays with them and they never attain to the deep intercourse that is possible in sex. The miserliness remains with them, the fear of losing energy hovers over them. It is a fear that does not diminish even when one has become the father or mother of a dozen children. An atheist can have the fear of losing energy, but it should not be so with a theist. The whole concept of a theist is that he is connected to the infinite source of energy. So for an atheist to be miserly about his semen is understandable, but it is beyond understanding in the case of a theist.

You will find it very difficult to express your love in your aloneness because of this fear. But I say to you, drop your fear and express your love to a pillow just as you have expressed your anger to it. Don’t worry about the outcome, don’t be in a hurry to judge the outcome. It may happen that in the beginning you get so excited that you ejaculate. Take that ejaculation as an offering at the feet of the divine. The energy went to the source it comes from; don’t be fearful about it. Before long a moment will come in practicing this love meditation when there will be no ejaculation of semen. And as your meditation deepens and there is no ejaculation you will attain to a new experience - that of orgasm without ejaculation, without losing energy, when your energy races madly within you and you are a typhoon of energy, you are a tide of energy, but you don’t pour this tidal energy out of your body; rather this tide is assimilated within you and becomes an inner dance.

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