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Chapter 10: Aes Dhammo Sanantano

That’s what Buddha was doing when he reached the other shore. In Bodhgaya he was sitting underneath a tree by the side of the river Niranjana. It was early morning, a beautiful, silent morning, and he opened his eyes. The last star was disappearing from the sky; he saw the last star disappearing, and something inside, in him, also disappeared.the last trace of the ego. The sky became empty, he became empty, and these two emptinesses met, merged, melted into each other. The sky entered into him, he entered the sky.

On the visible side, on the outside, nothing was changed; everything was exactly the same. The Niranjana continued to flow, the birds must have continued to sing; not even a leaf has fallen from the tree, nothing has changed.and all has changed. Now Buddha is no longer a mind; he has become meditation. He is no longer in thoughts; he has become a pure witness, a sakshin.

This is the other shore I am talking about.

That’s why when you think, Darpan, you feel a little confused, but when you don’t think about it you also feel a kind of rest. Watch! Confusion must be felt in the head and the rest in the heart. The heart has its own reasons, its own way of understanding things.

When I am talking to you, I am not only talking to your minds - that is only the superficial part. What is really transpiring between me and you is something of the heart. The mind is being used as a stepping-stone towards the heart, that’s all. I am using words as stepping-stones, as means, not as an end in themselves.

That’s why these two things are felt by you simultaneously: a confusion in the head and a deep rest in the heart. The heart understands - the heart understands that this moment, the herenow, is the other shore. But the heart is not very articulate; the head is very articulate. This is one of the dilemmas: the head cannot understand but is very articulate, and the heart can understand but is not very articulate. It understands but its understanding remains silent; in fact the more it understands, the more silent it becomes. The head understands nothing; in fact the less it understands, the more noisy it is. You have to see this point.

Use the head to reach to the heart, but don’t become rooted in the head. Don’t stay there! Use it as a stepping-stone, as a ladder, but don’t make your house there; otherwise your whole life will be of confusion, anxiety, anguish. Use it, and forget all about it. Enter into the heart and listen to the silent dance of the heart energy. Listen to the relaxed, restful song of the heart, the soundless sound, the one hand clapping.

The heart is very close to the mystery of existence; the head is the farthest away. The head is this shore and the heart is that shore - but you are already on that shore. The head is simply dreaming things. When you get out of the head you simply get out of something which never existed in the first place.

The second question:

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