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Chapter 3: Love is Showering on Your Boyfriend Too!

It never stops, and the strangest thing is, your love, your lovemaking is not making your life more joyful, more musical, more poetic, more dancing. On the contrary, it is making it dry, desertlike. You somehow carry.It is a problem rather than a joy. Yes, in the beginning it seems to be a great blessing, but only in the beginning. The more intelligent you are, the sooner you will be finished with the idea of blessing.

If your love is just of this lower, the lowest kind of biology, then certainly when you love me your love with your boyfriend will disappear. Before the higher can be, the lower has to disappear. This should give you an indication that you have to raise your love higher so that it does not disappear but is more nourished.

My love is not only showering on you, it is showering on your boyfriend too. You both should dance, you both should feel nourished; new flowers should blossom for both of you.

I am not anti-life as other religions are. I am absolutely for life, and life in its essence means love.

I don’t even want your love to be confined to me - there are higher realms. I am only a door. If I can take you to higher realms of love where love is no longer a dialogue between two persons, but transformed into a lovingness, you don’t need a lover. You are love and wherever you move, you are surrounded with the aura of love. You will shower your love on the trees, not with effort; you will radiate love even if there is no one, in emptiness.

The ultimate love is lovingness - where the other is no longer addressed; where everyone, the whole of existence becomes your beloved. The master is only the door to the infinity, to the eternity, to the freedom from duality.

The most important French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, has insisted again and again that the other is hell - and in a way, he is right. To be with the other, it is very difficult not to create misery for yourself and for the other.

Nobody is made for you. You have your likings; the other has his own likings. You are not one; the rhythm of your heart is not one. You live together, you have to live together because you are not capable of living alone. To you, aloneness appears as loneliness, despair - as if you are deserted, abandoned.

You don’t know that aloneness is not loneliness. Aloneness is the highest peak of consciousness. And when love is alone, unaddressed, or addressed in all directions, then it becomes a paradise.

But we have to learn step by step, we have to fall and we have to rise. If your love for your boyfriend deepens only when I am not coming out, I will not come out. Because I will not commit that kind of sin - destroying poor Nandan’s love. When I come out she becomes enlightened - and enlightened women don’t have boyfriends. It is an idiotic idea. Why? Enlightened women should have enlightened boyfriends, so rather than deserting the poor boy.help him to be enlightened so I can also come out. Because if I don’t come out.you see all these people.they will kill you, you and your boyfriend - both.

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