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Chapter 9: Right-mindfulness: The Flavor of Understanding

I am here, but that will not make much difference - you have learnt the habit of doubt. It has become ingrained, it has become unconscious. It is not that you doubt - it is that you have become doubt. So even if I am here confronting you, you go on missing me. The doubt goes on arising. If one doubt disappears, you produce another. If that disappears, you produce another. Doubts come to you just like leaves come to a tree.

You will have to see the point. You will have to see me without your doubting mind. What are you expecting? Your expectation is that by and by I will argue against all your doubts, I will prove things so that your doubts are dissolved - then you will be able to see me. That is not going to happen. I can go on and on talking to you, I can go on and on showering myself on you, but that will not help much - the doubting mind will go on creating new doubts, fresh doubts.

If you are waiting for that moment when all doubts are gone, then you will look at me, then that moment will never come - I will be gone. That moment will never come. If you want that moment, then you have to put your doubts aside.

Just once, look at me.without any doubt, and that will suffice. That will trigger a process of trust in you. Only through trust is the meeting with me possible. And only through trust is transformation.

Enough for today.