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Chapter 4: The Sutra Is Long, the Night Is Short

Most people die at the age of thirty, and hippies themselves have given the proof; they have all died.

What happened to the hippies? They simply disappeared. By the time they had looked around the world, they saw that everybody is competitive; in this competitive world you cannot survive. Now all the hippies are good managers in great corporations. They are now called with a new name: Yuppies.

I have been searching for a hippie; there are no hippies anymore. It is not that they have all died; they have all shaved their beards, dropped their ideology of being dirty, they have started taking showers. They have got married, they have forgotten all about great love affairs under the moon.

Now they have their own houses, a small garden, a beautiful car, a wife, two or three children, a good job. Now they cannot afford the old lifestyle of being a hippie; they will be thrown out of the office. Now they use ties, shoes. They have mixed with the rotten society that they had condemned before. But in a way, their old statement was right: Don’t believe a man who is over thirty.

It is very rare to find a man who remains his whole life like a child, utterly innocent and uncorrupted by the world.

When you come here, when you face me, you are facing a man who belongs to eternity, not to time. And eternity is your home, your eternal home. With me you will learn how to go on growing, how to go on flowing, how to go on with existence without bothering with your mind and its consistencies, without bothering that “This is contradictory to what you said yesterday!” It has to be. If you are a living being, your today is going to contradict all your yesterdays. That means you are fully alive, nothing has gone dead in you.

People die partially; slowly, slowly nothing of life remains in them. Then they become absolutely consistent. But don’t listen to a man who is consistent. He is dead. Beware of it.

Your feeling at home here simply means you have entered into the river which goes on flowing. It is always fresh, it never becomes dirty. It is always singing songs, and its waves go on dancing in the sun, in the moon. But it is always on the go.

It was customary with Gautam Buddha that whenever somebody became enlightened, he was sent away to share his experience with those who were stumbling on the path. Obviously, those disciples who had become enlightened would ask him for his last message so that they can carry it in their heart.

You will be surprised what his last message was to every disciple who was departing. He would call the disciple close, so nobody else could hear - because it was the same message for every one. In the ear of the disciple he would say, “Always remember: charaiveti, charaiveti, go on, go on, never stop. Existence never stops; why should you stop? charaiveti, charaiveti.”

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