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Chapter 23: Several More Looking Methods

Another technique:

Look upon some object, then slowly withdraw your sight from it, then slowly withdraw your thought from it. Then.

Look upon some object. Look at a flower, but remember what that look means. Look! Do not think. I need not repeat it. Always remember that look means: look, do not think. If you think, it is not a look; then you have contaminated everything. It must be a pure look, a simple look.

Look upon some object. Look at a flower,- a roseflower. Then slowly withdraw your sight from it - very slowly. The flower is there - first look at it. Drop thinking; go on looking. When you feel that now there is no thought, simply the flower is there in your mind, nothing else, now slightly move your eyes away. By and by the flower recedes, goes out of focus, but the image will remain with you. The object will have gone out of focus; you will have turned your look away. The image, the outer flower is no more there, but it is reflected - reflected in your mirror of consciousness. It will be there! Then slowly withdraw your sight from it, then slowly withdraw your thought from it.

So first, withdraw from the outer object. Then only the inner image remains - the thought of the roseflower. Now withdraw that thought also. This is very difficult, the second part, but if the first part is done exactly as it is said, it will not be so difficult. First withdraw your mind from the object, your sight. Then close your eyes, and just as you have removed your eyesight from the object, remove yourself from the image. Withdraw yourself; become indifferent. Do not look at it inside, just feel that you have gone away from it. Soon the image will also disappear.

First the object disappears, then the image disappears. And when the image disappears, Shiva says,


Then you are left alone. In that aloneness one realizes oneself, one comes to the center, one is thrown to the original source.