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Chapter 27: Harmony Is Your Reality

Just remain available and grateful - waiting with a throbbing heart, not with a desiring mind; waiting with an open heart, not with a closed mind, with the idea that “It has to happen. Why is it not happening?”

If you can remember this simple thing, it will happen more often, it will happen more deeply, it will happen in new forms, in new riches, in new colors, with new significance, with deeper meanings, with higher flights.

But it will always happen.

It will not be your doing.

This morning before discourse started, sitting on the marble, I felt as if we were one mouth singing, one heart beating, one breath breathing. I felt so much love in my being, as if we were all one being. I feel like giving a lot; I feel as if I am taking so much from everywhere, and my being wants to be useful for developing eternal love. I have the feeling we are holding each other’s hands and starting to flower all together in the spring. Am I just a dreamer, beloved Osho?

Friedrich Nietzsche in one of his statements says, “The greatest calamity will fall on humanity the day all the dreamers disappear.” The whole evolution of man is because man has dreamt about it. What was a dream yesterday, today is a reality, and what is a dream today can become a reality tomorrow.

All the poets are dreamers, all the musicians are dreamers, all the mystics are dreamers. In fact, creativity is a by-product of dreaming.

But these dreams are not the dreams that Sigmund Freud analyzes. So you have to make a distinction between the dream of a poet, the dream of a sculptor, the dream of an architect, the dream of a mystic, the dream of a dancer - and the dreams of a sick mind.

It is very unfortunate that Sigmund Freud never bothered about the great dreamers who are the foundation of the whole of human evolution. He came across only the psychologically sick people, and because his whole life’s experience was to analyze the dreams of psychopaths, the very word dreaming became condemned. The madman dreams, but his dream is going to be destructive of himself. The creative man also dreams, but his dream is going to enrich the world.

I am reminded of Michelangelo. He was passing through the market where all kinds of marble was available, and he saw a beautiful rock, so he inquired about it.

The owner said, “If you want that rock you can take it for free because it has just been lying around taking up space. And for twelve years, nobody has even inquired about it; I also don’t see that there is any potential in that rock.”

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