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Chapter 6: Come to Your Own Festival

Shodai, who was born in 738 in China and died in 820, was a disciple of Sekito.
Shodai stayed at Mount Nangaku under Sekito for three years, then went to Mount Shuko where he saw Ma Tzu.
Ma Tzu asked, “What did you come here for?”
Shodai said, “I came here for Buddha’s Jamuna darshan.”
Ma Tzu said, “Buddha has no Jamuna darshan. Jamuna darshan is the world of delusion. You are from Mount Nangaku, but it seems that you have not yet known that you need Sekito. So you should go back.”
Hearing that, Shodai went to Sekito. On meeting the master, Shodai asked Sekito, “What is buddha?”
Sekito replied, “There is no buddha nature in you.”
Shodai asked, “What about all living beings?”
Sekito replied, “They have buddha nature.”
Shodai asked, “Why don’t I have it?”
Sekito said, “Because you don’t accept it.”
At this, Shodai decided to stay there.
Later, he lived in the Shodai-ji temple and did not go outdoors for thirty years. Whenever a seeker came to him, he would say, “Go away - you don’t have buddha nature.”


A famous psychoanalyst, Franz Strunz from Munich, has been studying child behavior in dreams, and he has found that Sigmund Freud’s original idea was not right.

Sigmund Freud’s original idea was that the child - every child, particularly in the civilized and cultured world - lives under repressive morality, repressive priesthood, repressive parents, and he cannot understand exactly why his natural and spontaneous behavior is unacceptable. He is not yet grown up in the mind - the mind will come slowly - but he has been born as a natural being. So he finds it absolutely difficult to understand why his natural behavior is condemned.

But because he has to be dependent on the parents - and he is utterly helpless - he has to accept the God that the parents believe in, and he has to accept all the commandments in which the parents believe. And they drive the child to the church, or to whatever religious organization they belong. This is the beginning of programming the child.

Sigmund Freud’s original thesis was that under these circumstances the child finds only freedom in his dreams. The parents are no longer there, the priest is no longer there, God is no longer there.no morality, no condemnation, no repression, no inhibition. In his dreams he lives a very natural and very pleasant life. That becomes a substitute for him. And I am absolutely in agreement with Sigmund Freud.

The child does not know yet what is dream and what is real, it takes a little time. That is why you cannot remember if you go backwards. Up to the age of four you may be able to remember a few things; beyond that is a complete blank, but things were happening. From your birth, up to the age of four, things were happening but you don’t have any memory of them because you did not have yet a mind.

The mind is a social product. It takes at least four years to program the child to be ready to accept anything that is told to him, because he knows if he denies it, he will suffer punishment - not only here but in hellfire.

But in his dreams, up to the age of four, he enjoys absolute freedom. Hence Sigmund Freud said that children’s dreams are very pleasant, very beautiful. In fact, the child can cope with reality only because of his dreams. The dreams are compensatory.

This man, Franz Strunz, has been surveying hundreds of children and their dreams, and his conclusion is that Sigmund Freud was wrong. So first I have to give you his statement.

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