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Chapter 11: Life Is a Luxury

Hassan asked Ajami, “How did you reach your present heights of spiritual attainment?”
Ajami said, “Through making the heart white in meditation, not by making paper black with writing.”

The little boy was playing with his blocks when his father entered the room.

“Quiet, Dad, I am building a church.”

The father, thinking that he would test his son along the lines of religious knowledge said, “Why do we want to be quiet in church?”

“We have to, because the people are sleeping.”

Man is asleep. This sleep is not the ordinary sleep, it is a metaphysical sleep. Even while you think you are awake, you remain asleep. With open eyes, walking on the road, working in your office, you remain asleep. It is not only that you are asleep in the church, you are asleep everywhere. You are simply asleep.

This metaphysical sleep has to be broken, this metaphysical sleep has to be completely dropped. One has to become a flame of awareness. Only then does life start being meaningful, only then does life gain a significance, only then is life not the so-called “day-to-day,” ordinary, dull routine. Life has poetry in it and a thousand and one lotuses flower in the heart ( then there is God.

God is not a theory, it is not an argument. It is an experience of significance in life. And the significance can only be felt when you are not asleep. How can you feel the significance of life in sleep? Life is significant, immensely significant. Each moment of it is precious. But you are asleep. Only awakened eyes can see this significance, live this significance.

Just the other day there was a question. Somebody asked, “Osho, you go on telling us to celebrate life. What is there to celebrate?” I can understand. His question is relevant. There seems to be nothing to celebrate. What is there to celebrate? His question is your question, is everybody’s question.

But reality is just the contrary. There is everything to celebrate. Each moment is so immense, is so fantastic, each moment brings such an ecstasy, but you are asleep. The ecstasy comes, hovers around you and goes. The breeze comes, dances around you and goes, and you remain asleep. The flowers bloom and the fragrance comes to you, but you are asleep. God goes on singing in a thousand and one ways, God dances around you, but you are asleep.

You ask me, “What is there to celebrate?” What isn’t there to celebrate? There is everything that one can imagine. There is everything that one can desire. And it is more than you can imagine. It is in abundance. Life is a luxury!

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