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Chapter 3: The Yoga of Anguish

But the way out that Krishna is suggesting is not so simple. It does not belong to the path of least resistance. The other two belong to the path of least resistance: both of them are dry imprints, track-marks. Whichever one of the two he chooses to follow, things will be simple. Probably in his numerous past lives he has passed through both of these. They are very obvious options.

But Krishna suggests another route, a third route, one that Arjuna has never taken before. And it is this third option that is valuable. In life, whenever you are faced with two options, remember the third one before coming to any decision, because this third one is always significant. Those two options are always the same and you have always chosen them - again and again. Sometimes one, and when you have tired of that one then the opposite one, and when you have tired of the opposite one then this first one again. You have been forever opting for these two.

The third choice, which is the really significant one, never occurs to us. Krishna will be proposing this third one, and we shall be talking about it in the evening.