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Chapter 12: Every Suffering Is a Buddha-seed

When the mind reaches nirvana.

That is his second fallacy, because the mind never reaches nirvana. In fact, mind cannot even conceive the idea of nirvana. Nirvana: the very word means cessation of mind, it is annihilation of the mind. The actual meaning of the word nirvana will help you to understand: literally it means blowing out a candle. Mind is just a small candle with a small flame of awareness, but even that small flame can do immense harm.

I will tell you of one incident in Rabindranath Tagore’s life. His father was a great landlord. Their estate consisted of hundreds of towns and thousands of miles, and there was a beautiful river flowing through their estate. Rabindranath often used to go on his small houseboat and live for months on the beautiful river, surrounded by thick forest, in absolute silence and aloneness. One full-moon night, it happened: he was reading a very significant contribution to the philosophy of aesthetics, by Croce.

Croce is perhaps the most significant philosopher who has thought about beauty. His whole life’s work was concerned with finding the meaning of beauty - not truth, not good. His sole concern was with what is beautiful. He thought if we can find what is beautiful we have found what is true, because truth cannot be ugly, and we have found what is good, because the beautiful cannot be evil. A beautiful conception.and with this foundation he worked his whole life to find out from different angles what beauty is.

Rabindranath himself was a worshiper of beauty. He lived a very beautiful and aesthetic life. He not only created beautiful poetry, but his life itself was a beautiful poem. He was a very graceful man.

On that full-moon night with a small candle inside his houseboat he was reading Croce. In the middle of night, tired from Croce’s very complicated arguments, he closed the book and blew out the candle. He was going to his bed to sleep, but a miracle happened. As the small flame of the candle disappeared, from every window and door of the small houseboat, the moon came dancing in. The moon filled the house with its splendor.

Rabindranath remained silent for a moment.it was such a sacred experience. He went out of the house, and the moon was immensely beautiful in that silent night amongst those silent trees, with a river flowing so slowly that there was no noise. He wrote in his diary the next morning, “The beauty was all around me, but a small candle had been preventing it. Because of the light of the candle, the light of the moon could not enter.”

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