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Chapter 13: Truth Is Not Divisible

Let’s reverse the question for once: what have you learned being with us?

Sarjano, it is the last supper. Jesus has gathered all his disciples together and there is a great feeling of gloom in the air. A single candle lights the room. Everybody can sense that something momentous is going to happen and that this may be their last meal together.

Jesus pours out the wine and passes the glasses around and then divides up the food and personally serves his disciples. The candle burns low and at last, all the food is gone except for one hard-boiled egg.

Jesus says to Peter, sitting on his right, “Peter, my blessed disciple, would you like to eat this last egg?”

“Ah, no master,” says Peter. “You must have it.”

Jesus then turns to his left and says, “John, my blessed disciple, would you like to eat this last egg?”

“Ah, no master,” says John. “You must have it.” Jesus asked all his twelve disciples in turn, and they all refused the last egg, saying that he, their master, must have it. Just then a gust of wind comes through the window and blows out the candle. The room is plunged into darkness and it is filled with an awesome silence.

Suddenly, there is a hideous scream. Someone lights a new candle, and everyone gasps as they see Jesus with his hand stretched out for the remaining egg - and embedded in the back of his hand, are twelve forks! But it was too late to learn..

I have learned much. One of the most significant things that I have learned is not to feel sad when you betray, not to feel sorry when you go astray - in fact, not even to expect that you have to trust.

The relationship between me and you has to be one-sided, only from your side, not from my side at all. You are here of your own free choice; you can move away just as freely as you had come. You love me - that is your decision. You can start hating me - that will also be your decision. I am absolutely unconcerned; only then is it possible not to feel hurt, not to feel wounded.

Jesus was betrayed only once, by one disciple. I have been betrayed continually for almost as much time as Jesus lived on the earth - thirty-three years. So many people I have trusted so totally have betrayed me so easily. There was a moment they were ready to die for me and just some small thing.if I was not fulfilling their expectation, which I have never agreed to fulfill, their love changes into great hate. The same person who was ready to die for me is ready to kill me.

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