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Chapter 14: A Rock among the Waves

But governments are always stupid. In fact, if you are not stupid you are not qualified to be in the government. Can’t they see the point? If somebody else has paid the fine, and I don’t even know their names, how can I be asked to pay tax?

But the same foolishness prevails over the whole world in all the bureaucracies. It seems the moment they become bureaucrats their minds stop functioning.

I have heard about a politician who was going through mind surgery. But when the doctors opened his mind, it was so full of crap that it needed a dry cleaning, so they took out the whole brain and brought it into the other room. While they were cleaning his mind, a man came rushing in and said to the politician, “What are you doing here lying in the hospital? You have been chosen president!” And the politician disappeared.

When the doctors had finished cleaning they could not find the man. They came to know from the newspapers that he had become the president, so they approached him: “You have left your brain with us.”

The president said, “To be a president, the brain is no longer needed. You keep it. When I am defeated or when I am no more in power, perhaps I may need it.”

There is a law, which is a very significant law, that all our bureaucracies and governments function in such a way that the most inefficient, inadequate person finally reaches to the top.

Hearing it for the first time it seems, how can it be? But if you see the whole process.A clerk is doing perfectly well. Because he is doing perfectly well as a clerk, he becomes the head clerk. He knows nothing about being the head clerk, but if he still has some sense left he will function better than other head clerks. He will become the superintendent.

You are moving people from places where they are efficient because of their efficiency, but you don’t understand a simple thing, that to be efficient as a clerk does not mean that you will be efficient as a corporation commissioner. So all the heads of the bureaucracy are absolutely inefficient. They had been efficient in some area, and that has taken them to higher posts. The higher they go, the less efficient - until they reach to the ultimate inefficiency. Then they become the presidents, the vice-presidents, prime ministers - the whole world is being dominated by all kinds of idiots.

Deva Ashu, you should not feel at all tense; my love is not the love that disappears. It goes on growing - whether you are close to me or far away, it does not matter. And remember that your body is a very significant signal. To know about the heart is a difficult job. Your body indicates that your heart is no longer graceful, no longer loving - listen to the body first because that is the most visible sign. And then move inwards.the body has to be graceful, the body has to be beautiful, the body has to be deeply alive, and then only can you find the grace of the heart and ultimately, the grace of your being.

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